Title Cats & Issues 2013

As we near the end of 2013, we would like to take a look back at the Title Cats that have graced our homepage in 2013 . . .

In 2013, our Title Cats included a Ragdoll, a Siamese, a Siberian, a Bengal, an Egyptian Mau, a Foldex, an American Shorthair, a Maine Coon,
an Oriental Shorthair, a Toyger, a Burmese, a Selkirk Rex, 2 British Shorthairs, 2 Japanese Bobtails, 2 Ocicats, a chimera and litter of Norwegain Forest cats.

While not every Title Cat was a show cat, most were and their titles included 2 International Winners, 6 National Winners,
2 Grands of Distinction, 3 Breed Winners, 2 Lifetime Achievement Winners and Regional Winners galore.

Photographers who captured the beauty of our Title Cats included Chanan, Helmi Flick, Larry Johnson, Mollie Schutt,
Blue Bayou Feline Photography, Blue Sky Photography and Diana Starr, Starrlight Photography.

To the cats, their breeders, their owners, and the photographers — we thank you all for allowing us to share your stories and showcase your accomplishments!

If you want to read a Title Cat's story, simply click on its photo and you will go to the issue in which it is featured.

GP, NW Bordeaux LTD's Enzo Purrari (Ragdoll)
Photo by Chanan

GC, RW Thaifong Raisa of Ayuthaya, DM (Siamese)
Photo by Chanan

GP, BW, RW Kotchera Carmel Corn (Siberian)
Photo by Chanan

GC, RW Starbeam Spirit Of Radio (British Shorthair)
Photo by Chanan

Norweigan Forest Cat Mom & Her Fearsome Foursome
Photo by Chanan

IW, SGC Cowboycasanova of Speakeasy (Bengal)
Photo by Helmi Flick

GC, RW Maullenium Spotacus (Egyptian Mau)
Photo by Chanan

CH Katrina-Cat Bonapate
Photo by Blue Sky Photography

GC, NW Wild Rain Let's Dance of Dotdotdot
Photo by Chanan

GC, BW, NW Dovon Simon The Possummnn Of Lynzkatz
(American Shorthair)
Photo by L. Johnson

GP Coppercats Danuwa Analihi of Najo
(Ebony Silver Spotted Tabby Oriental Shorthair)
Photo by Chanan

GC, BW, NW Ticketyboo Mikomi & GC, GP, NW Ticketyboo Nankinmushi
(Japanese Bobtails)
Photo by Chanan

Patriotic British Shorthair, Tiger
(British Shorthair)
Photo by Mollie Shutt

GC, NW Dewsplear Angel Time (Maine Coon)
Photo by Chanan

GC, GPD, NW Ivy Cat Quarterback
(Exotic Shorthair)
Photo by L. Johnson

IW SGC Chisholmtrail Zeus of Dreamfinder (Ocicat)
Photo by Diana Starr, Starrlight Photography

Donegal's Tail of Two Kitties
(Himalayan - Tortoiseshell - Chimera)
Photo by Blue Bayou Feline Photography

QGC Lakemountain Daemos of Primaeval
Photo by Helmi Flick

GPD, RW Laki Augustus Caesar of Whiskerland (Burmese)
Photo by Chanan

CH KityKareKurl Rosetta Curleone, DM (Selkirk Rex)

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