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  • * Color Inheritance: Part 1
    If you are a beginner who doesn`t understand color inheritance at all - this is for YOU!
    March 2018

  • * Color Inheritance: Part 2
    To understand color inheritance, all you basically need to understand is the inheritance of 3 colors - White, Black and Red. Everything else builds on these three colors.
    April 2018

  • * Color Inheritance: Part 2 - Answers to Questions
    The `trick` to keeping color prediction `simple` is to break the predictions down into stages. Using simple examples, you will understand simple color inheritance.
    February 2001

  • * Color Inheritance: Part 3
    Tabbies, Bi-Colors, Himalayans, Smokes... They all are just red, black or torties... but with a single genetic twist. Break the genes down into parts, and it is simple to understand
    March 2001



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