Cats Celebrating Birthdays

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Birthdays . . . we love to celebrate them when we are young . . . perhaps less so as we get older :-) . . . but celebrating our cat's birthday is often a beloved tradition in a feline lover's home . . .

A Kitty Kake to Celebrate!

Happy Birthday to meeeee . . .

And in rolled the birthday boy in his stroller . . .

The Birthday Princess in her crown hat

No Ed, It goes on the TOP of your head!

Grumpy cat reluctantly agreed to wear a hat of tinsel to celebrate our birthday . . .

An ear hat????

How do I get this off my head?

This is so wrong!

My mom made me do this . . .


Some kitties share with their canine friends . . .

And some don't . . .


No birds were harmed during the taking of this photo

Lucky Birthday Kitty

A Magic Moment

A party!



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