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Published July 2010

In the ten years since PandEcats and ShowCatsOnline first debuted, countless emails of thanks and compliments have arrived in our inbox. We have heard from breeders, judges, national campaigners, pet owners, rescuers, veterinarians and even feline researchers from all over the globe.

We hope you don't think it too immodest of us if we share some of our favorites emails of appreciation with you on this special occasion. We have chosen a sampling from across the years, from different breeds and from different parts of the world. Some refer to specific articles while others express their overall appreciation of the wealth of information available on our websites.

As a basic 'newbie' that has re-entered the world of Persians after a 20+ year absence, I was no less than THRILLED to find such a wonderful resource to refresh my memory on the how to's, the what to's, and the amount's of, that are always needed in this joyful, challenging, heartbreaking, and mostly rewarding hobby of cats that we all love so much.  Seems no matter how much time, from a brand-newbie to decades of experience in cats, there comes a time we have an urgent/life-saving question or simple curiosity to learn and there you are " PandEcats "...like an experienced best friend that's available to offer an answer 24/7.  What would we do without you?!  I LOVE this on-line publication, and will always renew my subscription!! THANK YOU, and congratulations on 10 years!! Sincerely,

Kim Crutchfield
Kimpawsible Persians & ESHs

California, USA

How Pandecats helped me! There are too many ways to name! The most important thing I learned from a Pandecats article was about Fading Kitten syndrome in an article I read in 2000. That's when I got serious as a breeder and started to learn how to show for more than Winner's Ribbons. I've read every article you've published and learned more than I knew there was to learn! Your magazine is the one thing I recommend to all new breeders and new show people! It's beyond amazing all the helpful information. Pandecats is the always available Mentor that everyone should have at their fingertips when breeding and showing Persians!

Denise Lawson,
Purrden Me Persians
Virginia, USA

You have been a godsend to me.  I've never had a mentor for grooming and have "winged" it for almost 8 years!   I now have a cat capable of a NW and he will face stiff (and bitter) competition.  Whether or not we run him, I always want him looking good and being a good representative of my Cattery.  I knew when I saw your website designs you were artistically talented, but I had no idea this wealth of information was about to be available to me!   Well - maybe I had a hunch  - after all I did spring for that $50 to join.  Best money I ever spent!  :)

Suzanne Kuttnauer Berrin
Bon Marche' Burmese
California, USA

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your site. Keep on this good work. Best regards from Belgium.

Romain Abos

ShowCatsOnline is my ‘help' when I need something.  I have sat with my laptop while waiting for mom to deliver when I was (and still am) a new breeder.  Or perhaps when there is behavior that isn't normal for my kitties. It also gives me guidelines to deal with problems that may crop up, or perhaps campaign a kitty. For someone who still has a lot to learn, it is invaluable! Sincerely,

Erin Cutchen
Starbeam British Shorthairs
Utah, USA

Thanks so much for the nice Tribute to my mom.  Really appreciate it.

Pam Bassett
PaJean Persians
Louisiana, USA

I subscribed the other day to Pandecats, and I have now have free access to all your articles. Very interesting! Finally I found lot of information I was looking for since a long time. I thank you for this helpful service.

Albina Colella
Horatio Persians

Thank you for providing guidance when I could find none in the "normal" channels. Thank you for helping my very first two litters turn out healthy and fantastic with no losses or illnesses. Thank you for giving me hope and encouragement as I embark on the exciting and sometimes very scary (and "catty") world of cat showing. Thank you for your very ethical stance in the world of breeding and showing cats. Thank you for having the best cat web site imaginable. Please keep up the good work and know that you are very appreciated in what you do. All the Best!

Pat Marshall
PatsQuats Persians
Oregon, USA

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member this past year and I find your articles to be first class!! 

Tracy Lee Pitre
Tracy`s Pet Photos & Siberian owner
Ontario, Canada

I do not have a pedigreed animal, just a beloved 8-month-old baby cat named Cholo, who nearly died last weekend from an application of BioSpot for cats. After some heroic and expensive treatment by several vets at the Animal Emergency Center on Sunday, 7/18, Cholo came back home staggering, dazed, frightened and sick. I knew nothing of the toxicity of BioSpot, but have now researched it thoroughly. I found your website, and though it is intended for show animals, a pet is a pet, no matter how expensive or murky his/her background. Cholo came to us as a half-starved stray that someone threw out a car window at barely 4 weeks old. We've nursed him and held him and loved him and he responds by head-butts and nudges and purring loudly enough to keep you awake. I just wanted to thank you for the information contained in your BioSpot bulletin, which I have saved and printed.

Betty Swanh

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your article about "Dirty Nails" by Pam Shaouy. I was concerned about the build up and brought it up at our yearly vet visit, but she had no answers. I have searched, fruitlessly trying to figure out why my three year old, orange mackerel tabby had this build up on her nails. As the author pointed out, there are no articles or even pictures explaining why this happens. I was relieved to stumble across your website, though I have adopted four short haired cats. I am just thankful for some answers. Sincerely,

Fauna Logan & Crookshanks

I've had my membership for some time now. I love this site so much I always pay for 2 years at a time, just so I won't forget. I've been breeding for about 11 years and showing about 6. I use this site all the time. I don't think I've ever needed info and left it empty handed. I tell every new person I come in contact with, that membership to PandEcats, will be the best money they will ever spend. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that there is a place to go for just about anything relating to my babies, Kudos to all involved,

Anita Mehryari
Gorbe Irani Himalayans & Persians
Texas, USA

Over the years, I have found this resource to be priceless. Thank you for this fabulous service!

Alida Birch
BirchGrove Siberians
Oregon, USA

Thank you for such a wonderful and informative site.

Domingo Castaneda
Out're Persians
Nevada, USA

GP Purr Bits Max A Million is my first ever show cat and he granded in his second show as a premier.  In fact, he got 100 points just in that show!  Quite an experience for a newcomer! I have to tell you, your website was a great help to me in understanding what goes on at a show; how to behave; and reinforcing the grooming techniques that the breeder had given me.  It's been like a bible to me at times!  I have read and re-read some of the articles over and over!  Thanks for being here!

Kristan Ballantine
North Carolina, USA

I want to tell you how much I love ShowCatsOnline.  I have got some fabulous advice and tips for my cats.  In Australia the show scene is very different to the US .  It is tiny in comparison.  To me ShowCatsOnline is like a little portal that gives me access to the kind of advice and information I would get if I was going to your shows. 

I can't believe how much of the advice I have put into use and how much benefit I am getting.  I love the tips on eye cleaning and white coats as my Bicolour British stud is such a grubby boy.  The tips about the website shopping list and ownership information were easy to customize and I get so many people commenting that those sections of my own cattery website are really useful.  I even have a kitten enquiry form that gives me all the information I want about potential buyers. Best of all, I used the search engine submission tips to get my website nearly to the top in terms of British Shorthairs in Australia . 

I also wanted to let you know that the odd eyed white article is fantastic. My friend has recently been breeding odd eyed white Selkirk Rex kittens. I was curious as to how these come about but could find anything online that explained it properly. This article answered all my questions and was so easy to understand. Well done! Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

Pamela Lanigan
Cuddleton British Shorthairs


As one who has worked with the cinnamon gene since 1979 in Orientals, I know all the pitfalls!!  KUDOS to ya'll for taking this color to new heights into Persians!!! Best of luck in the future, and may you produce many carriers who will go on to spread that cinnie gene!!

Jan Beardsley-Blanco
TLU Oriental Shorthairs

New Hampshire, USA

I just want to thank you for your wonderful site.  The articles are unbelievable to a pure novice like myself. I bought my first Persian and then subscribed to your site and read everything and then entered my new Persian at her first show.  I came home with a Best Cat in Premiership and finaled in every ring but one.  My girl went to three shows total and came home with her Grand Premier title.  It was so exciting and I am hooked and all thanks to you and my kittens breeder Gloria Busselman. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

David Lewis
The Two Davids Persians
Washington, USA

When I signed up for PandEcats.com I was looking for some very specific information on few topics, and soon after I read then, I though... oh well I guess that is about it... then after sometime when revisiting some articles, I decided to use the spare time to check other articles written by you and Kathy, and I found so much more eye catching articles, that I felt I that I should take the time to tell you this... PandEcats.com´s Articles and Barb Brush´s CatPedigrees.com Persian Pedigree Database have become invaluable assets for my education as cat breeder !! Every so often we are so quick to point defects or bugs, and so lazy to prize the worthy... So I want to make sure, I would not miss the opportunity to make it right! best regards,

Ricardo Tavares
New York, USA

My name is Julie Walker and I am from Brisbane, Queensland.  I breed Turkish Vans and am a longhair judge with QICC (Queensland Independent Cat Council).  I am currently doing a judge's training course and in my research on Persians came across your website.  I would just LOVE to be able to handle a cat of the quality of PJ and this is only from what I can observe on my monitor ... she is, as you say flawless and breath-taking as well as stunningly presented.  Even though she was at her prime around ten years ago, I bet she could still hold her own in competition. I would like to use your website and your story on PJ for my students. Kind regards

Julie Walker
Turkish Vans


Thank you for the excellent article "Advice For The Newbie Cat Buyer".  I also have "stories" about bad decisions early on regarding my breeding program.  Thought I knew, but didn't.  Was it my foolishness or uneducated focus?  The seller?  Anyway, thank you.  If there is one individual out there that reads the article and stops, just for a moment, and thinks, perhaps I need to follow that advice and educate myself as thoroughly as I can before purchasing, there will be a "happy" beginning.

Ellie Higgins
Katsational Persians
Colorado, USA

As new to the show/breed environment, your Sculpting Articles were extremely useful. As a surgeon, I wish many of the texts I read were so specific and well illustrated!!!!

Jenny E. Freeman, M.D.
President and CEO
HyperMed, Inc.

You have the most informative cat site on the internet.

Barbara Hockett
Catlna Ragdolls

Idaho, USA

My subscription is worth its weight in GOLD!!!!


I just renewed via Paypal. I don't want to miss a thing :-) Great Site and worth every penny!

Carrie Reid
Teal Creek Persians

I live in Ontario, Canada and was wanting to build a cat tree for my 3 kittens... well they just turned a year old... so cats I guess but they are still high energy and full of life and love to climb stuff...so I searched the web and found the one on your site..and my husband and oldest son built it.They love it so I wanted to thank you for the info and good instructions...my son said it would have been easier if there was such a thing as pre- carpeted tubes and wood...:-) but thanks again

Ontario, Canada

I have renewed my membership... You have no idea how valuable this web site has been for me.

Donna Waskiewicz
Posh Persians
Colorado, USA

Your magazine is the absolute greatest source of information for cat lovers. I often refer to it as my 'cat bible'. Keep up the outstanding work, it is truly something to be proud of:) Sincerely,

Pam Ellis-Allred
Echo Lake Persians
Arkansas, USA

I was surfing the net and came across your article about Changing The Way Cat Shows Are Held to make them appealing to a television (read “mass”) audience. The idea has a lot of merit.  I wanted to show my Snowshoe in HHP (he has high white so he can't be shown breed).  He's a very friendly and social individual, typical of the breed, but he hated the judging cages.  As a result, after two shows, I don't show him anymore and have gone into cat agility.  If I had had those exhibitor tables where I could have played with him and shown him like I did with my horse, I think I'd be showing him now.  He was fine in the benching area—socializing with visitors—but he hated the judging ring with the cages.  Also, as a new exhibitor, I had absolutely no idea of what was going on.

Adrienne D. Hahn
Assistant to the Executive Director
Institute for Regulatory Policy Studies
Illinois State University

If I can stop crying long enough to type this, I want to thank you for the remarkable story you wrote about Red Sky Wooden Ships DM. Although I had learned earlier this year directly from Gary Powell that Woody had passed away, it still weighs heavily on my heart... Woody fathered my beloved kitty, Joleigh's Milk Chocolate Bonbon, who shares so many of his traits. When Bonbon came into our lives, we had no understanding of the importance of her pedigree...we just wanted her because she was the most gorgeous and most friendly persian kitty ever, and came from a Cattery of Excellence (Sue Bloomquist). Thank you for enlightening us further about Woody, and including all those spectacular photographs! WOW! Cordially,

Allison and Kent Suddret

I think PandEcats.com is worth every penny. I have learned so much from your articles and just really enjoy the e-zine. I think you do a great job!

Mary Thorsness
CaliCats Maine Coons
California, USA

Thank Goodness for PandEcats, what a lot of insight for everyone in  the cat world!

Rolls Choice
California, USA

Thank you for the article on Household Pets I have shown cats in both CFA and ACFA . ACFA does honor its household pets with registration numbers along with titles and year end awards like TICA. I believe CFA needs a paradigm shift with their house hold pets after all we pay money to show our cats only to have them short shrifted .It's time for a change, maybe this article will get wheels turning you never know . Happy showing , Sincerely

Kim Holroyd

Actually, I did not send you a compliment, but just a statement of actual fact. Your publication is the best that has ever been produced for the cat breeder!

Jeanne Nangle
MacGlen Persians
Missouri USA

In scanning for a very different link this morning, I came across the obituary posted in your e-magazine about my husband, Vaughn Barber, Jr. I want to thank you for the kind words in his memory. I was very touched and my daughter and I appreciate this very much. 

Wanda Barber

I couldn't live without you! You're WONDERFUL, imaginative, funny, down-to-earth, et cetera, et cetera. Warmest regards,

Susan Reid and Cats
Cat d'Azur Ragdolls
Washington, USA

I'm reading ShowCatsOnline right now. You have no idea how much I enjoy reading your articles. Love Tuesdays and Wednesdays as those are the evenings that I can truly sit back and read to my heart's desire : )) As always, thanks for making such a great site!!

Abadabadolls Ragdoll Cattery
Florida, USA

I just wanted to let you know how much the Article on the Pen G helped me.  Last year I lost allot of kittens and the vet kept saying it was the females.  I told her it all came down to one boy and took him in and they cultured him.  I asked about the kittens and they said to give the Clavamox.  I tried that and no luck.  So when I read about the G strep and the Pen G I thought it was worth a try.  The same male has fathered these two litters and I gave the kittens and the mom the meds and I have healthy, fat little kittens.  Some of the kittens had signs of bacteria when they were born and they are doing great.  Thank you for the article and I have a great appreciation for your magazine. The same thing goes for the article on Tongue Tipping.  It came just in time for me and now I know its just a lazy tongue.

Norma Butler
Designerpurr Persians
Arizona, USA

Thought I'd make your day. All the questions I have been asking about getting my cat ready for her first show has paid off. I did the goop soup on a dry coat first then rinsed with Mane & Tail, then vinegar rinse and a final rinse as your article suggested. Toweled her and totally saturated her with Fluff Out and toweled her again then blew her dry which took forever - but Oh, My God, it was worth it! I had a lady benched a couple cages down that has been in the cat business for a long time tell me that my sculpting was very good just needed to take a little more off the tips of the ears which I forgot to recheck.

Thanks for all your help and a great informative site. Best money I ever spent!

Cathy Best
Kasiakatz Persians
New York, USA

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