Cats In Costume: What are They Thinking?

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Halloween can bring out the best (and worst) in creative cat costumes. While some cats refuse to participate in dressing up for the holiday, other kitties really get into the spirit of things by donning costumes to please their owners. Despite how willing a cat may seem to wear a costume, have you ever wondered what the feline model really thinks about their outfit?

"Ride 'em mouse-boy!"

"This is really the ultimate costume for a kitty with a healthy self-image. "

" I needed talcum powder to get this costume on,
but I can't wait to see the expression on that fish's face!"

"How pretty in pink am I?

"Hello Kitty is going to be so jealous of me"

"Can you please get this dumb pumpkin off my head?"

Inside every fluffy kitty . . . is a naked cat!

"Elvis has left the building . . . but I scammed his outfit "

" I think I am I in hot water!"

"Cleopatra eat your heart out"

"OK, this is not really a costume. It is photoshopped.
But you have to admit, I am awesome . . ."

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