Dogs In Costumes: I Am Not A Cat

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In the articles Cats In Costume 1 and Cats In Costume 2, we enjoyed seeing our feline family dressed for Halloween. Now it's the canine set's turn . . .

I BEGGED them  not to do this!  I am NOT a cat.

Oh, Lord, it's  that headless guy again.  This happens  every year!


I've never  taken any hula lessons and don't plan to start  now!

Well, duh...

I vant to bite chure neck!!!!

I'm pretending  this is a Batman costume.

No, I am NOT  going trick-or-treating!

Hope no one sees us dressed like  this.

Yes, she's a  little older but I love her!

Are they kidding or what? Do I LOOK like the Easter Bunny  to you???

I've always wanted to be tall, but this is ridiculous!

This is my  very best Joan Rivers  look.

I can't figure it out, either.  I think it's a life vest.

Today we are men!!

And a big Bronx cheer to you.  

Kowabunga, I  think.

Now boarding at Gate 11.  That is, if I can walk in this  thing.

Ahoy, mateys.  Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of  rum.

No, we're not crabby, but we ARE pugnacious!

I LOVE my slippers!

Swan Lake is my favorite!  


Yes, you're  right.  I AM a short-legged moose.  Very rare.

Alexander the Great here, but you can call me Alex... 

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