Halloween Spirit At A Cat Show

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Here is a tale (or should it be tail) of the true spirit of a cat fancy Halloween.

It was a dark and stormy night . . . well, it was actually Halloween day.

The cat show was in full swing at a Holiday Inn.

Exhibitors were enjoying a few Halloween treats, amid a splattering of costumes and theme-decorated benching cages.

It seemed like it was going to be just another fun Halloween cat show . . .

Imagine the surprise of spectators and exhibitors alike when a little red tabby moggie kitten face peeked out from under the curtains behind a judge's ring.

How on earth did a domestic shorthair kitten with crystal blue eyes make its way into a hotel banquet hall?

Eager hands reached to scoop up the little trespasser. Ladies from the local animal shelter who were at the show with cats to be adopted immediately agreed to take him in.

Within the hour (perhaps it was a witching hour?), two more Halloween siblings were found wandering the show hall. Total count — two red tabby boys and a black sister, barely old enough to be without their momma.

Now the local rescue would be going home with 3 extra kittens . . . but that is not the end of the story.

A ring clerk dressed in a red devil costume stepped up to her microphone and announced that the first wayfarer had been joined by two littermates. If anyone could help out with the intake fees for the Halloween orphans, donations would be most welcome.

Within a few moments, almost $400 dollars had been collected from the exhibitors and judges.

The lady from the shelter was speechless.

When she called her manager to tell him the news, he almost dropped the phone. They had NEVER seen such spontaneous and deep generosity from a group of people.

And that is the true spirit of Halloween, cat fancier-style.

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