Cats In Santa Hats

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Okay . . .

Admit it . . .

It's tempting to dress the cat in holiday garb.

If you doubt how difficult it is to resist becoming an feline's personal stylist, just check out our Halloween article titled,
Cats In Costume.

But what is the fashionable feline wearing in the month of December?

If the photos below are anything to go by,
for this Christmas season,
the most popular feline accessory
may just have to be . . .

A Santa hat!

I love my Santa hat :-)

We refuse to wear any darn hats, not even for Christmas!

I like my hat!

I like to have my Santa hat worn back on my head so my ears can "breathe".

Aren't I a handsome devil? You must wear your hat with a sense of style and panache!

We are not amused! Why is our owner laughing so hard?

Santa Claws is delivering presents to be put under the tree...

I think this hat is too big!


I sleep in my Santa hat!


This is the avant garde style of wearing a Santa hat - put it on your butt!


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