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Grumpy Cat Stars in a Christmas Special

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If you are a cat lover and regularly surf the internet, you have surely seen and heard about a diminutive kitty with a permanent frown that goes by the name of Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy Cat's real name is Tardar Sauce. Although most viewers think Grumpy Cat is a male, SHE is a female kitty born on April 4, 2012. Her grumpy scowl is a result of an underbite and a genetic mutation called feline dwarfism that also affects her legs. Her owner is Tabatha Bundesen of Morristown, Arizona.

Grumpy Cat has had an exciting time since she first attained international celebrity status with her curmudgeonly facial expression. A few of her biggest appearances or honors have included:

  • Front page of The Wall Street Journal on May 30, 2013.
  • Cover of New York magazine on October 7, 2013.
  • MSNBC  2012's most influential cat.
  • BuzzFeed's Meme of the Year Award at the 2013 Webby Awards.
  • First prize Golden Kitty at the second annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival.
  • Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2013 Friskies.
  • "The Official Grumpy Cat" on Facebook has over 6 million "likes".

Her latest foray is on to the small silver screen, starring in the 2014 made for television Christmas film, "Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever" for Lifetime network.

Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever 

In the movie, Grumpy Cat plays the part of a lonely cat living in a pet shop in a mall. No customer has ever showed an interest in Grumpy Cat, always choosing other pets in the store. That changes when Grumpy Cat meets Chrystal (Megan Charpentier), an equally lonely 12-year-old girl. They are both surprised when they discover that Chrystal can hear Grumpy Cat talk. They slowly become friends—especially after an extremely expensive dog is dognapped from the pet shop.

It is a sweet holiday story that will appeal to cat lovers.

Grumpy cat "in costume" with her voice-actor, Aubrey Plaza of "Parks and Recreation" fame

Final Thought

The holidays is a traditional time for spreading much joy . . . or perhaps in this kitty's case, spreading of grumpiness. But this style of grumpiness leaves everyone smiling . . .

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