How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas

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Do you need a step-by-step DIY guide explaining how to wrap a cat for Christmas?

In the video below, a very patient kitty and his owner (known collectively as MoreFlippyCat) demonstrate the best way to gift-wrap a feline for the holidays.

The video debuted on YouTube on December 26th, 2009 and has become a staple at many Kitty Christmas celebrations since then, logging more than 11 and a half million views as of December 2016.




There is no doubt that the feline star in the video by MoreFlippyCat above is unusually co-operative. Perhaps he is even one-of-a-kind. Yet, MoreFlippyCat has inspired other cat owners to also wrap (or attempt to wrap) their kitties for Christmas too. So... here are a few more attempts at cat-wraps.

Please Note: No kitties were harmed in any way during the production of any of these videos... although some certainly look slightly annoyed.




Hmmm.... That didn't go too well. Maybe two heads are better than one...
and four hands would definitely work better than two...



That was a success! Let's see if there are other co-operative kitties out there in YouTube land...




Wrapping a cat is really not as easy as MoreFlippyCat made it seem...
Maybe a kitten would be easier...



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