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If you have a cat, it's likely he or she will be intrigued by the glitter and busy preparations associated with the holiday season.

Here is how to make this Christmas your cat's Christmas too!

Put Up A Cat-Friendly Tree

If a Christmas tree is part of your family's holiday tradition, make sure the tree is cat-friendly. Place the tree in a room where your family gathers most often so you can supervise your kitty's interactions with the tree. Make sure the tree is securely braced and can resist an adventurous feline if it chooses to try climbing up the branches.  Hang only unbreakable ornaments on the lower half of the tree..

Place your cat's bed or a blanket under the tree, so your cat can enjoy sleeping there when you're in the room.

Gifts For Fluffy

What is a Christmas tree without presents underneath its boughs? Amongst the gifts, be sure ti include something for the kitty. Choose a present according to the cat's personality. Presents can be either purchased or homemade. Ideas include:

  • A new toy
  • All natural or organic cat treats
  • A bed
  • A new scratching post
  • Catnip
  • Wheat Grass

Unwrapping The Gifts

Most cats love crumpled paper, ribbons and empty boxes — which is practically a description of the living room around the Christmas tree as the kids open their gifts — so encourage Fluffy to be part of the present unwrapping.

Christmas Dinner & Special Treats

Most of the traditional goodies consumed by people at the holidays are unfortunately not good for cats. It is better to prepare a special din-din and a few treats just for your kitty. A bit of white turkey meat or a few flakes of salmon make a nice Christmas dinner for a hungry fur-face. Not too much or you may upset the tummy! And remember - no chocolate - it is toxic to felines.

Special Time Together

Even though the holidays are usually a busy time, be sure to carve out time to play and spend time with kitty. Let your cat snuggle up next to you in the couch and bed when you're watching Christmas specials on TV.   Try out the new laser light and help kitty enjoy some exercise.

Last Words

In most households, the cat is a valued family member. There is no reason your kitty cannot be part of your holiday festivities.

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