Mog's Christmas Calamity

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Mog is a cat. She is the main character in a series of children's books written by British author, Judith Kerr.

Mog is owned by Mr and Mrs Thomas and their two children, Nicky and Debbie.

In each book Mog stumbles into a different dilemma with a new character or event.

Unusually for a popular children's series, Mog dies of old age in the final book, 2002's Goodbye, Mog. But as we all know, cat's have nine lives . . . and so in the winter of 2015, Mog returned as an animated kitty for the 2015 Christmas advertisement for the British supermarket chain,  Sainsbury's.

In Mog's Christmas Calamity, Mog accidentally starts a fire in her home after having a bad dream, but is able to alert the fire brigade (as she had called 999 when scrabbling across a phone).

Mog is hailed a hero for saving her owners, and is later given an egg as a treat.

Author Kerr herself appears in this ad as a neighbor of the Thomas family.

A special plush Mog and book version of the story were sold exclusively through Sainsbury's, with all profits being donated to Save the Children's child literacy work.

Enjoy this delightful peek into the world of Mog!


If you have little kids, consider introducing them to Mog and her delightful series of books this holiday . . .

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