Substitutes For Cutting The Umbilical Cord

In the article titled Cutting The Umbilical Cord we discussed the use of a hemostat for clamping of the umbilical cord of a newborn kitten. Alternately, there was the option of tie off the cord with thread or dental floss.

Well... if you are the MacGyver type, you can find substitutes for either of these more traditional methods :-)

WARNING: Use these substitutes at your peril :-))...

The Ten Best Substitutes for
a Hemostat:

  1. A binder clip from your cage curtains
  2. A mouse trap (preferably one that never had a mouse in it)

  3. A cat collar tightened very tight... you'd probably have to make a new hole for the buckle
  4. A metal hair barrette
  5. A staple
  6. A pipe cleaner
  7. A paper clip

  8. A clip-style earring
  9. Your husband's pliers - the smaller the better
  10. A teeny-tiny vice grip

The Thirty Best Substitutes for Tying off the Umbilical Cord:

  1. Used typewriter ribbon
  2. A guitar string
  3. Cat hair from your lint brush
  4. A shoestring
  5. A hair ribbon
  6. The string from your cat's teaser toy
  7. Elastic cord from a party hat

  8. Yarn from that sweater you've been knitting
  9. Picture hanging wire
  10. The fringe from your western jacket
  11. The little rope tie that holds up your husband's sweat pants
  12. A twist tie from the bread wrapper
  13. Mini blind pull cord
  14. Your mouse cord

  15. The string from your tea bag
  16. String from your graduation tassel
  17. Kite string
  18. The string from your yo-yo
  19. Your telephone cord
  20. The spaghetti shoulder strap off your lingerie
  21. The string from your archery bow
  22. Wires from inside your telephone handset
  23. Rawhide ties from your moccasins
  24. The rubber band that comes around your newspaper
  25. Cut off hair from your Persians ruff and braid it into a tie
  26. The ribbon around your teddy bear's neck
  27. A ponytail holder
  28. The big rubber band that comes around fresh stalks of celery
  29. Some string from your bikini
  30. One of your bra straps
    and finally, in the spirit of the season... a ribbon from a Christmas gift :-)

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