What I Learned This Year

by JACQUI BENNETT, Low Country Ocicats

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As I prepare to face my maker -- err, make that prepare to face my in-laws over the holiday season, traveling over the fields and through the swamps, I send these thoughts to each of you as we prepare for a new calendar year . . .

What I Learned This Year...

Enjoy competition, but never let it get personal. Someone else's successes does not equal your failures.

Marvel in the magic of something new.

Enjoy your friends and trust them to make the right decisions in the long run. Stress can make people say, do and assume the worst. Realize that when the rough times or the success highs are over, the people who stood by you in the beginning are probably the people who will be by you when it is all over.

Experience the joy of sharing . . . whether it be your time, talents, possessions or blessings.

Life can be survived without chocolate . . . but a sweet treat occasionally can make the days that you are good easier.

And . . .

A lone Abyssinian WILL find wherever you are curing the bourbon ball cookies and grow opposable thumbs to get at it. So unless you enjoy cleaning carpets or holding the head of a hung over red thing . . . . stick with sugar cookies and Tupperware :)

Have a safe and happy Holidays and I look forward to seeing everyone again in January!

From the Humans, Ocicats, European Burmese & Abyssinian of Low Country

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