The Great Froggie Toe Caper

The House of Meow

Published May 2013

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My daughter has a Fergie Froggie rocking chair that she adores.

The Froggie is made of plush green material.

Last night, one of the frog's " toes" fell off .

This little frog toe seemed to exert a power over my British Shorthair, Tiger.
He seemed to think it was now his job to guard the Froggie Toe.

But when Tiger turned his head for a moment to check to see if anyone had put food in his bowl,
in a blink, the Froggie Toe disappeared . . . or did it escape?

And so began the "Great Froggie Toe Caper".

Tiger, assuming his alter ego, Purr-lock Holmes, was on the case.
He would find the missing toe.

Fergie Froggie (suspiciously lurking in the background) was initially dismissed as a possible suspect . . .

An initial systematic search throughout the house revealed nothing . . . until . . .

Using his keen sense of deduction, Purr-lock discovered Froggie Toe's remote hideout . . .

With Froggie Toe just out of reach, Purr-lock devised a plan. Only a surprise attack would do. . . .

Suddenly, Purr-lock sprang into action!


Purr-lock had found and recovered the Froggie Toe!

Case solved, Purr-lock transformed back into Tiger, the guard-cat.

This time, he was taking no chances . . .

If Froggie Toe tried to escape again, Tiger was ready.


About The Author

Mollie Shutt started her blog, The House of Meow, to chronicle the adventures of her British Shorthair and her adopted shelter cat. Her blog has also become a place for information about being a cat show newbie as well as do it yourself cat projects.

Outside of cats, Mollie is an accomplished bassoonist and avid cyclist. After working full time for many years in online community management and website administration, she opted to take a new job as a full time mom and cat servant.

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