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Published January 2014

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My name is Tiger. I first introduced readers to my slouching talents in Slouching 101 which featured photos and my thoughts on ten classic slouching situations. If slouching was an Olympic sport, I would be a gold metal contender. In this second article, I will expand your knowledge of slouching by introducing you to another 10 positions and styles.


#11 The Kitchen Slouch

Sometimes I sit in the kitchen, slouching against a cabinet instead of the wall. That way I am purrfectly positioned to catch any errant crumbs of cheese or tuna that may come my way. The urge to sit has no bounds!


#12 The Bed Slouch

Sometimes I like to sit on the bed and casually relax against nicely plumped pillows. I highly recommend this when the floor is feeling a tad too hard to provide adequate comfort for the feline anatomy.


#13 The Bed Slouch / Ultimate Relaxation

When I strut around the house, my somewhat generous tummy hangs down and waddles to and fro. My "mom" affectionately calls my tummy a "woobie". Sometimes I prefer to slouch against pillows, spread my back legs and let my woobie hang out for the ultimate in relaxation.


#14 The Sofa Slouch

If the bed is not available such as when the humans have closed the bedroom door, I will sit on the sofa. While it is not my first choice, the sofa can be a very comfortable place to slouch because it has arms as well as a back. Please note: If your sofa should happen to match your coat too closely, there is a danger of a human accidentally sitting ON YOU — so you must be vigilant!

#15 The Sofa Slouch + Nap

As with the Wall Slouch, sometimes I combine the Sofa Slouch with a short snooze.
Note how the paws of my back legs are wedged against the arm of the sofa.
This provides added support to maintain position when napping . . .

#16 The Sofa Full Slouch

Despite all my experience at sofa slouching, sometimes I start to fall over when I sit. This "fallen" position can be mistaken as laying down, but this is not a deliberate attempt to recline. It should be viewed as a simple loss of balance. It is more likely to happen when the sofa slouch has been combined with a nap.

#17 Sofa Slouch Reverse Recline

If you do happen to fall into a full slouch, you can take advantage of the position by rolling onto your back and then swiveling your body until your head is hanging off the edge of the seat of the sofa. Although this is not technically a "slouch" it is such a unique position i just HAD to include it in this collection.

#18 The Talking Slouch

Just because you are slouching, it doesn't mean you don't have other needs — and you should let those needs be known. Or perhaps you just want an audience to admire your slouching expertise. In either case, don't hesitate to call out for attention!


#19 Pool Slouching

Talk your mom into getting a plastic "kiddie" pool and you can turn it into a "kitty" pool that is purrfect for slouching in on hot summer days . . . Water is optional.


#20 My Rear End Is Falling Asleep

Beware: One of the dangers of too much slouching is that it can limit the circulation to the feline butt. The blood starts to pool in your rear end to the point that you may start to lose feeling in your behind. You can improve your circulation by occasionally raising the position of your posterior higher than your front end. Try sitting on a raised platform 4-7 inches high while maintaining your front legs at floor level. This position encourages the blood from your rear end to travel to your front paws.


My Final Thoughts On Slouching

So, my feline friends, next time you feel the urge to sit, remember your British Shorthair guru and let your creative juices flow. You have so many more options than you think! Connect with your lazy inner kitty and a "slouch" variation is guaranteed to come to mind.


About The Author

Tiger Shutt (CH, PR Castlkatz Ghost Rider) is a cream spotted tabby British Shorthair who lives in Utah with his platonic roommate, Sampson, and human family, the Shutts.

Tiger's purrsonal servant, Mollie, collects and shares many of his adventures in her blog, The House of Meow.

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