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Published July 2013

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CFA’s Eleventh Best Cat in Championship 2012-2013 is a gorgeous brown tabby and white male Maine Coon named GC, BW, NW Dewisplear Angel Time.  Angel is bred, owned and exhibited by Joel and Camelle Chaney. 

This is Angel's story . . .

Photo by Chanan

GC, BW, NW Dewisplear Angel Time, CFA's 11th Best Cat 2012-2013

In 1973, while my husband, Joe, and I were living in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I attended my first cat show and was impressed with a ruddy Abyssinian. I promised myself one day I would own one. Later in that decade, Joe and I became involved in the dog fancy, showing Borzoi. We remained deeply involved in showing Borzoi for the next 30 years.

In the 90's I attended CFA shows for about a year as a spectator and began researching the Abyssinian. My vet suggested that Abys were not really the breed for me. I took his advice and started to focus on the Maine Coon. A Borzoi breeder and friend, Barbara Solga, also bred and showed Maine Coons, so she started us in Maine Coons with our first queen, Grainne. By 2005, we decided to show cats exclusively. On wet mornings we are glad we no longer have to walk the dogs in the rain.

Our cattery is named in honor of my Belgium grandmother, Marie Dewisplear.

Fall 2011

Angel's story begins at the end of September 2011 when GC, RW Dewisplear Claire Mayfair gave birth to two kittens; one boy and one girl.  The sire of the litter was GC, RW Dewisplear Treme of Nekoland who now lives with Virginia Liu and Amigo Lee in Hong Kong.   

Photo by Chanan
Dam: GC, RW Dewisplear Claire Mayfair

Photo by Chanan
Sire: GC, RW Dewisplear Treme of Nekoland

An Angel

Both kittens were lovely; the boy especially showed a lot of promise. We had always named our show kittens after characters or places in Anne Rice's famous vampire novels.  "Angel Time" is an Anne Rice novel released in 2009, the first in the Songs of the Seraphim series, which involves angels, time travel, and religious mythology. It tells the story of an assassin who is lured by the angel, Malchiah, to save rather than destroy lives. 

We named the male kitten Angel Time—Angel for short.

A Split Kitten Season

Being born in late September meant Angel would not be old enough to enter a show ring until February 2012. He was a split season kitten—the first part of his kitten career was at the end of the 2011-2012 show season, while the rest would be in the beginning of the next season.  Maine Coons do not usually make many finals at 4 to 5 months of age, needing more time to mature. Like most kittens, they become more competitive at 6-7 months of age.

Angel always maintained a well balanced structure, even as a kitten. The kitten counts were so low at the end of the season, however, so that even though he earned numerous Best Kittens, we knew he could not earn enough points to be a regional kitten winner.

Angel at 5 months

Spring / Summer / Fall 2012

Angel matured quite early. His best feature is his head, which is moderate in type. He always had a strong chin and muzzle with pronounced whisker pads along with a stunning profile. He had good boning and a strong forechest and neck set. We always felt your eye shouldn't be drawn to any one part of a cat's structure, otherwise the cat is not balanced.

When Angel aged out of the kitten class after the start of the 2012 show season, we decided to keep on showing him. Our initial goal was for him to earn a regional win in championship for the 2012-2013 show season. We thought that we might then campaign him for a national win the following year if he did well.

In May, at his first show as an adult, he granded easily. In early June, he earned high placements at two shows including our Regional Award show. By August he had earned his first Best Cat In Show!

We kept showing and Angel kept doing incredibly well. By Labor Day 2012, Angel was one of the top five cats nationally and we realized that we were now campaigning for a national win, not just a regional.   

Mr. Personality

Angel had more going for him than just beauty—he was a cat with personality.

At a show in Las Vegas, Angel was sitting on the judge's table in David Mare's ring, calmly looking around—just checking out the spectators (his people). Angel suddenly angled his head to look at David and then raised himself up on his hind legs, placed his front paws on David's chest, and kissed him on the lips. Angel certainly knew how to be charming on the judging table and schmooze the judge.

Several times during his campaign, Angel visited the CFA Museum in Alliance, Ohio, where he performed feline agility and greeted all the visitors. Angel especially loved the tunnel in agility, although as big as he was, he could nap in the tunnel while sticking out of both ends. The visitors found his antics very entertaining.

Angel rests inside the agility tunnel - which is perhaps not sized for a fully mature male Maine Coon

Winter 2013

Christmas came and went and Angel was still comfortably in the top 5 in Championship. Things were going smoothly, perhaps too smoothly. We were at a show in January, when I noticed that Angel was not his usual self in the judging ring. He seemed to have lost energy.

My first thought was that he was just burned out from all the shows and traveling. Campaigning can be exhausting and requires a lot of stamina on the part of both cat and owner. I  went to a holistic vendor at the show and purchased a "pick me up lemon herbal spray" that is supposed to perk up a tired cat. I gave Angel a dose.

Still, Angel just seemed "off".

When he started to lose weight I realized this was something more than just being show-tired. When he spiked a fever, I realized he had a virus. After a little investigation, I learned that several other cats being campaigned had come down with the same virus. One of them even had to go to the emergency room. 

There is no medication that works against the actual virus; Angel just needed rest and time to recover. We pulled him from the shows. We really didn't care if he dropped in the standings. His health was more important.

Our veterinarian prescribed antibiotics as a precaution against a bacterial infection attacking while his immune system was battling the virus. Angel stayed home and we gave him all the TLC he needed. The shows went on without us.

It took almost two months before Angel completely recovered. It wasn’t until late February that we had knocked out the virus and Angel started to act like his old self. His energy returned. By the middle of March, Angel was back at the shows and once again playing on the judging table. While he had slipped from the top five during his recovery, he still had more than enough points for his National win and to be the top winning Maine Coon in Championship.  

Spring 2013

We took the first three weeks off in April. Angel's final show was the Midwest Region show the last week of April that celebrates the end of the show season in our region. By entering this show, we were returning to Tornado Alley, the site of last April’s horrendous hail storm. This year the weather was beautiful, the cats were outstanding, the competitors were friendly, and the food at the celebration party was great. 

Final Thoughts

By the end of the season, Angel had been shown almost continuously since he was four months old. Despite that, he still purred on the way to every ring and loved the shows as well as his adoring fans. At a year and a half he is still developing and refining, growing into a magnificent and mature adult Maine Coon.

Although retired from the show ring, Angel has quickly adjusted to his new responsibilities.  He was an ambassador cat at our Regional Award Show and has already sired his first litter. Proud momma, GC Dewisplear Gabriel Mayfair, gave birth to five kittens sired by Angel on July 17th, 2013.

Angel's first kittens


Below are photos taken during the show career of

GC, BW, NW Dewisplear Angel Time

Brown Classic Tabby with White Maine Coon Male

CFA’s Eleventh Best Cat in Championship 2012-2013
CFA’s Best Maine Coon 2012-2013
CFA Great Lakes Region's Second Best Cat in Championship 2012-2013

Multiple Best Cat in Show Winner
Multiple Best Kitten in Show Winner

Birth Date: September 24, 2011

Breeder/Owner: Joel and Camelle Chaney

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

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