GC, NW DotDotDot BornInTheUsa of Wild Rain
CFA Kitten Of The Year 2014

Dotdotdot Ocicats
Published May 2014

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CFA's Kitten Of The Year 2014 is the stunning chocolate spotted male Ocicat named GC, NW DotDotDot BornInTheUsa of Wild Rain, co-bred and co-owned by Roger & Nancy Brown and Carol & David Freels. This win makes it back-to-back years that an Ocicat is CFA's Best Kitten — and perhaps it is no surprise since KOTY 2013 was from the same team. This is their story . . .

GC, NW DotDotDot BornInTheUsa of Wild Rain
CFA Kitten Of The Year 2014

Photo by Chanan


My name is Nancy Brown. My husband Roger, a retired veterinarian, and I have been breeding Ocicats under the Dotdotdot cattery name in Nebraska since 1994.

In March 2013, a litter of three kittens were born to CH DotDotDot's Ciao Bella of Wild Rain, sired by GC, BW, NW Wild Rain Priceless.

Baby Sam

There were two standout boys in the litter. We chose one and David and Carol Freels of Wild Rain Ocicats took the other. We named our kitten "Born In The USA".  Uncle Sam seemed an appropriate call name which was quickly shortened to Sam. From the minute Sam was born, he had a "nearly perfect" spotted pattern. We knew this kitten was destined to be a SHOW CAT!

Sam & Friends

Besides our Ocicats, we have two female Chihuahuas that are part of the family. In fact, they help raise our kitten litters. Sam learned to wrestle with both girls - one a burly long-haired pup, and the other is a hefty smooth-coated girl.  The canine duo would run full tilt at baby Sam. As they barreled down on him, Sam would squirm underneath them. Once he grew bigger, he would leap over them at the last minute - leaving them to wonder "what happened?"

Sam relaxes in Roger's lap along with his Chihuahua ladies

A Show Kitten

Right from the start we knew we were going to campaign Sam as a kitten. He started his career at four months.  He missed attending a couple of shows that first month, but for the rest of his kitten career he had almost perfect show attendance with the exception of the October CFA Board meeting weekend, and another in November when the count was too low for him to keep so we stayed home. 

Sam was a young five months for the big National Capital show, but he had an extraordinary show for such a young tyke.

The Cool Cat

Sam was proving to be an excellent campaigner. He loved flying, showing and especially enjoyed sleeping in hotel rooms - all essential qualities in a campaign kitten. 

When Roger and Sam arrived in a new city, the first thing Roger would do is hit the grocery store. He and Sam ate all their meals together in their hotel room throughout the campaign.  Roger didn't think it was fair to go out to dinner and leave Sam alone after a hard day's work as a show cat.

We always appreciate a cat that can relax at the show.  Sam didn't have a nervous bone in his body, and took advantage of every single minute in between rings to stretch out and unwind.  Although he enjoyed meeting and greeting spectators after being judged and on his way back to benching, once back at his benching space he could fall asleep on a dime and even learned to do a little snoring along the way.

Once Roger and Sam returned to their hotel room after a show, the first thing on Sam's agenda was to flop on the floor (or a pillow), and then the play would begin.  Roger always packed half his suitcase with toys for Sam. The two of them would play fetch until one of them was too worn out to continue.

Watching Saturday and Sunday night football games together completed their "boys nights out".  Running around chasing a constantly changing menagerie of stuffed animals and glitter balls was part of their own personal halftime show.

This toy is mine!

As the season continued, we realized that Sam might be able to reach the #1 slot - Best Kitten Of The Year - but to be honest we were having so much fun that wasn't the goal. 

The CFA World Show 2013

Uncle Sam's last show as a kitten was the CFA World show in November.  The World Show is unusual in that two shows, designated Purple and Red, are held at the same time and then the top winners from each show compete against one another for the final honors.

Sam was entered in the Purple Show while his litter-brother was being shown by David and Carol Freels in the Red Show.

As the show progressed and Sam piled up Best Kittens in finals one after the other, we realized that as improbable as it sounded, as Best Kitten in the Purple show, Sam would soon be competing against his own littermate who was Best Kitten in the Red show. 

Sam's litter-brother GC, NW DotDotDot Reflections of Wild Rain
CFA 15th Best Kitten 2013-2014
Photo by Chanan

Sam emerged as the victor and then competed against the Best Cat In Championship and Best Cat In Premiership.  Sam was selected as Overall Second Best Cat In Show and his career as a kitten was over.

At the end of the show, Sam was first in the national kitten standings and remained there until the end of the season. Sam's brother would also be a national winner as 15th Best Kitten in CFA - GC, NW DotDotDot Reflections of Wild Rain.

GC, NW DotDotDot BornInTheUsa of Wild Rain
CFA Kitten Of The Year 2014

Photo by L. Johnson

The King

We chose to grand Sam and then retire him to the life of a King at home.  He is still in show trim, and will be looking forward to some little patriotic kittens in the Fall.


More photos from the show career of

GC, NW DotDotDot BornInTheUsa of Wild Rain
CFA Kitten Of The Year 2014

Chocolate Spotted Ocicat Male

CFA's Kitten Of The Year 2013-2014
CFA Midwest Region's Best Kitten 2013-2014
CFA's Best Ocicat Kitten 2013-2014

Born March 25, 2013
Sire:  GC, BW, NW Wild Rain Priceless
Dam:  CH DotDotDot's Ciao Bella of Wild Rain
Breeders/Owners: Roger & Nancy Brown and Carol & David Freels

Photo by L. Johnson

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan


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