(CFA) GC (TICA) RW, SGC Maullenium's
Spotacus of Rugosarose

Published April 2013

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Dot Mardulier first showed an Egyptian Mau in the Alter Class in CFA in 1999. A year later she was showing Maus in Championship in both CFA and TICA. As the world began a new century in the year 2000, Dot established Maullenium Egyptian Maus in a small town on Cape Cod, MA.

The Challenge

Being a minority breed, Egyptian Maus struggle with having a smaller gene pool. Dot enjoyed showing her Maus, but her passion for the breed's survival was far greater than for showing. If she worked with imported bloodlines, she could help increase the diversity of the Mau gene pool in the US.

There was a price to be paid however. The Maus imported from Egypt were not the refined type seen in the US show rings. They were often larger and sturdier but less refined than the type of Mau that was successful on the show table. Once a breeder introduces one of these cats into their breeding program, it might take a half dozen generations of breeding for type before the line would produce winning show kittens.

Despite this drawback, Dot made the decision to develop her Maullenium breeding program using the bloodlines of imported Egyptian Maus.

Sahoure of Fondcombe was a Mau brought to France from Egypt in 1999 by breeder Marie-Christine Hallepee. The Fondcombe cattery was a pioneer of the Egyptian Mau breed, and generous in helping the Mau breeders in the USA extend their small gene pool using these new bloodlines.

Dot began looking for a cat from the Sahoure bloodline in the US. Her search lead her to Guerdon and Dot Brocksom of Brockhaven Egyptian Maus in Washington state.

In 2004, Dot flew out to Seattle to see a litter of five kittens that Resou, a son of Sahoure had produced at Brockhaven. Dot fell in love at first sight with a silver female in the litter. This kitten would be hers. She named her Nafrini.

Nafrini grew into a beautiful girl... and became the start of a line of incredible Maullenium cats.

Nafrini produced a stunning female named Nailah. Nailah championed in CFA, and earned the title of Quad Grand Champion in TICA. 

(TICA) QGC Maullenium Nailah, grandmom to Spotacus
Photo by Helmi Flick

Nailah in her turn produced a daughter called CH Maullenium Ali Macclaw, an elegant beauty who represented five generations of breedings based on imported bloodlines.

An example of a litter of fourth generation Maullenium Egyptian Mau Kittens from imported bloodlines.
Photo by Helmi Flick

The Kitten

On a sunny day, ten years after the birth of Maullenium, another birth was taking place. Dot had bred Ali to RW, QGC New Kingdom Amurru Of Maullenium and now Ali was having her kittens.

As Dot was checking the new family over, she immediately felt there was something special about one kitten in particular. The little boy had incredible spotting and the contrast of the spots against the background of his coat was spectacular. The only word that came to mind was "Wow"!

As the kitten grew, he just got better and better. And he had a charming personality too! He needed a special name. Dot looked at that striking coat ... and she knew what to name him. He would be called — Spotacus!

Dot just knew Spotacus had it all. He was everything that an Egyptian Mau should be. Now he needed to be shown. And she knew just the person for the job.  Dot and the Maullenium Maus had relocated  to Florida, but she knew that her friend back in Maine, Donna Madison, would love to show this awesome example of an Egyptian Mau.

Dot called Donna . . .

Baby Spotacus
photo by Tetsu

Spotacus Meets Donna

Donna was immediately enthusiastic. The good friends jumped into action and a plan was hatched. Spotacus would fly up from Florida and Donna would drive down from Maine, meeting him at the airport in Boston, Massachusetts. Spotacus arrived in the middle of a blizzard. Flights were being canceled across the board. Spotacus' plane was one of the last to actually be allowed to land. It was a sign. It was destiny.  Donna and Spotacus were together.

Of course, their journey was not over. They still had to drive back to Maine. As Donna drove on snow-swept and unploughed roads, she gripped the steering wheel with white-knuckled hands.  Spotacus on the other hand looked out at the snow and seemed to take it all in stride. At one point he stretched his paw out of his carrier and placed it on Donna's arm.  Words were not necessary. Spotacus just seemed to know she was stressed and understood what she needed. It was the start of a special relationship between woman and cat. 

It is said that the ancient gods gave the Mau gooseberry green eyes that hold all the knowledge of the ancients and all the mystery of the universe.  As she came to know Spotacus, Donna understood the old adage. Beyond his beauty, Spotacus possessed an intellect and a presence. His congenial attitude along with his incredible great looks made him a treasure — more than she could have ever hoped for in a kitty.

I Am Spotacus

Spotacus quickly adjusted to life with Donna. His antics always kept her amused. She looked forward to coming home from work each day just to spend time with him. He was a delight. Soon it was time to see if the judges would be enchanted too.

At his first show, Spotacus took everything in stride even though it was a very noisy and well attended Pet Expo. Everyone complimented Donna on how beautiful Spotacus was and commented upon his sweet personality. 

In his first ring, while in his judging cage, Spotacus noticed the brown card holder on top of the cage. Hanging upside down from the top of the cage, he managed to fish the card holder into the cage with a paw. He then preceded to toss it around the cage using his hind legs. The audience was in stitches. Spotacus was not only a beautiful cat, he was an entertainer!

Spotacus was always ready to play . . .
Photo by Helmi Flick

He also had his first photo shoot in the busy Pet Expo. It was as if he could not wait to show off for the photographer too.  He chased the cat teaser on and off the table repeatedly, doing back flips and somersaults. He was Spotacus, the Olympic gymnast.

Another time, when Spotacus was playing on the judging table he suddenly leapt into the judge's arms. Wrapping his paws around the judge's neck, Spotacus gave him a big feline hug. Spotacus definitely knew how to schmooze.

As the show season progressed, Spotacus garnered great reviews from the judges, and even developed his own bunch of Spotacus' groupies. He simply charmed everyone he met.

photo by Chanan

The kitten matured into an glorious adult and continued his winning ways. It seemed no time at all before Spotacus achieved his Supreme Grand Champion title in TICA. Although shown mainly in TICA, he took a couple weekends off to attend a few CFA shows and earned his Grand Champion title with ease.

Back in TICA, by season's end Spotacus was TICA’S Best Egyptian Mau Internationally for 2011-2012. He was TICA NE Region’s 7th Best Cat and 5th Best Shorthair Cat 2011-2012 .

He was now officially RW, SGC Maullenium Spotacus.


Donna always knew that when his show career was finished, Spotacus would need to return to Dot to begin a new adventure — this time as a stud cat.

Dot flew to New Hampshire to be there when Spotacus and Donna showed for the last time. In the hotel room the first evening, Spotacus was clearly undecided about which of "his" women he should "sleep with" that night. He sat on the table between the beds looking from Dot to Donna and back again.   Being a smart Egyptian Mau, he chose to split his time between the two of them.

Spotacus was such a character that when he was no longer showing, fellow exhibitors missed him. Donna is still often asked, “How is Spotty doing?"  The answer is he is happily flirting with the girls, making beautiful kittens, and contributing his genes to the next generation of Egyptian Maus, continuing the mix of three different imported lines that defines the Maullenium bloodline.

Spotacus' Babies


Below are photos from the show career of

(CFA) GC (TICA) RW, SGC Maullenium's
of Rugosarose

Silver Egyptian Mau Male
Born: 10/04/2010
Dam: CH Maullenium Ali Macclaw
Breeder: Dorothy Mardulier
Owner: Dorothy Mardulier
& Donna Madison

TICA'S Best Egyptian Mau Internationally 2011-2012

 TICA NE Region's 7th Best Cat 2011-2012 
TICA NE Region's 5th Best SH Cat  2011-2012
TICA NE Region's Best Egyptian Mau 2011-2012

Photo by Helmi Flick

Photo by Helmi Flick

Photo by Helmi Flick

photo by Chanan

photo by Chanan

photo by Chanan

photo by Chanan

photo by Chanan

photo by Chanan

Baby Spotacus

photo by Tetsu

photo by Tetsu

photo by Tetsu

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