GC, GP, NW PinUpCats Dark Side Of The Moon
Published January 2014

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CFA's 23rd Best Cat In Premiership for 2012-2013 is a black and white Sphynx, GC, GP, NW PinUpCats Dark Side Of The Moon. Affectionately called "Luke", this is the story of an experienced breeder, Cyndee Lizana Gause, a newcomer, Jovanna Edge, and a stunning cat . . .

Photo by Chanan
GC, GP, NW PinUpCats Dark Side Of The Moon

Cyndee Lizana Gause has a small cattery located near Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where she breeds Sphynx under the PinUpCats cattery name.

Cyndee shows in both CFA and TICA. is the secretary of the CFA ISS Sphynx Breed Club, as well as being a member of several other Sphynx breed clubs and the CFA Sphynx Breed Council. Clearly, she is very involved with her beloved breed.

In January 2009 Cyndee met newcomer, Jovanna Edge, through a mutual friend and fellow Sphynx breeder, Marion Yates. Both Jovanna and Marion showed in TICA and when Marion showed Jovanna photos of Cyndee's female Sphynx GC, GP, RW, BW & SGC RW PinUpCats Crush With Eyeliner, Jovanna instantly fell in love. When they met, Cyndee liked Jovanna and knew she would be a great ambassador for the breed as her love of Sphynx was very evident, Cyndee knew Jovanna would give Crush a wonderful home and so Crush moved in with Jovanna on a co-ownership. 

Photo by Chanan
GC, GP, RW, BW, SGC, RW PinUpCats Crush With Eyeliner

Jovanna proved more than worthy of the trust that Cyndee had placed in her. Jovanna showed Crush in TICA, where she was 3rd Best of Breed that season and then Jovanna campaigned her in CFA, where Crush earned the coveted Breed Winner title in the 2010/11 season. The was the start to Cyndee's and Jovanna's close friendship . . . 

Luke Arrives

In the fall of 2009, Crush had a date with RW, SGCH Nudistcamp Full Monty For Show. Now Jovanna eagerly awaited the arrival of the first litter of Sphynx born in her home.

On December 10, 2009, Crush gave birth to 4 kittens on Jovanna's mom's bed. This was their first litter ever, and the kittens had a rough start and only two made it. Jovanna was understandably excited and fascinated as she watched the kittens grow and develop.

The Dark Side Of The Moon

The friends suspected that one particular male kitten was going to be a star right from the very beginning. He had all the qualities they were looking for — and a terrific, out-going personality too!

Jovanna named the special kitten "Dark Side Of The Moon" because it's the name of her favorite Pink Floyd album, and the kitten had a black pactch on his backside in the shape of an eclipse. She called him Luke for short.


Photo by Chanan

Luke shows off his black behind that inspired his official name

A Show Sphynx

Jovanna showed Luke as a kitten and an adult and he did very well. Right from the start Luke received compliments from many judges and Jovanna knew he would go far in the show world. He’s proved himself to be a true show cat and loved to walk around on the judging table and greet everyone.


Luke loved being on the table and knew how to schmooze the judge . . .

One of Luke’s secrets is that he is the most amazing traveler. He loves going on adventures. Jovanna always found it amusing how the security personnel at the airport all remembered Luke and greeted him by name as he passed through security.


Luke napping on the dashboard on the way to a show . . .

Are we there yet?


He received his first Best Kitten rosette from judge David Mare., who named the breed. In Championship, Lukes first Best Cat award was from past CFA president, Pam Delebar, at the Pacific Northwest Siamese Fanciers show in Issaquah, Washington. Luke was also a One Show Grand in Championship. Not an easy feat, especially for a Sphynx

Sphynx Sire

Luke went on to sire a number of kittens including several regional winners and two National Winners in multiple associations including:  

  • GC, NW Kikapoo’s Belle of the Bald
    • CFA’s 9th Best Kitten 2011-2012
    • CFA’s 7th Best Cat 2011-2012
  • LA SGC/GC Skeenville Bruce SpringSkeen
    • 2013 TICA 12th Best Allbreed Cat, Southwest Region
    • 2013 CFA Grand Champion
    • 2013 TICA Lifetime Achievement Award
    • Two Time International Winner (in 1 season!)  
    • 2012 18th Best International Allbreed Kitten  
    • 2012 3rd Best Southwest Kitten  
    • 2012 Best International Sphynx Kitten  
    • 2012 22nd International Allbreed Cat
    • 2012 2nd Best Southwest Cat
    • 2012 Best International Sphynx Cat  
    • 2012 Supreme Grand Champion (in 3 shows!)

Photo by L. Johnson
GC, NW Kikapoo’s Belle of the Bald

LA, SGC/GC Skeenville Bruce SpringSkeen

One More Campaign

With his fathering days behind him, Luke was neutered and the decision was made to show him in Premiership in CFA. This time, Jovanna and Cyndee were aiming high . Luke would try for a national win. Which he achieved to the delight of both Jovanna and Cyndee

The Future

Jovanna and Luke are showing this year in Premiership in TICA, where he is currently the best Sphynx alter and hopefully on his way to making history.  No Sphynx has ever earned a NW title in both CFA and TICA.  If Luke can achieve this goal, he will be the first.

Jovanna is also showing D’Eden Lover Parti 4U of PinUpCats as a kitten in CFA and GP Zork’s Stars Black Beard in Premiership.    

Photo by Frederic Gaspard
D’Eden Lover Parti 4U of PinUpCats

Photo by Chanan
GP Zork’s Stars Black Beard


Below are photos taken during the show career of

GC, GP, NW PinUpCats Dark Side Of The Moon

Black & White Neutered Sphynx

CFA's 23rd Best Cat In Premiership 2012-2013
CFA Northwest Region's 4th Best Cat in Premiership 2012-2013
One Show Grand in Championship

Born: December 10, 2009
Sire: RW, SGCH Nudistcamp Full Monty For Show
Dam: GC, GP, RW PinUpCats Crush With Eyeliner
Breeder: Cyndee Gause
Owner: Jovanna Edge - D. Cantley - V. Gary

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Luke enjoys a well-earned snooze . . .

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