Ticketyboo Times Two

Ticketyboo Japanese Bobtails

Published June 2013

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Of the 75 national winning cats in the 2012-2013 show season in CFA, only two were Japanese Bobtails. Both were females. Both were from the same cattery. The two JBT girls who so beautifully represented their breed in CFA are
GC, BW, NW Ticketyboo Mikomi, CFA's 19th Best Cat, 2012-2013, and GC, GP, NW Ticketyboo Nankinmushi, CFA's 22nd Best Alter, 2012-2013 .

This is the story of Ticketyboo . . . times two . . .

Photo by Chanan
GC, BW, NW Ticketyboo Mikomi and GC, GP NW Ticketyboo Nankinmushi

My husband, Jim, and I live in London, Ontario, Canada together with our Ticketyboo Cats. Although most people who know us from the show halls of CFA associate us with Japanese Bobtails, our first cats were Himalayans followed by Smoke Persians. In fact, the Ticketyboo household still includes one Himalayan and three Persians. 

Our first Japanese Bobtail came to us as a gift in 2004. Likened by my husband as "the type of son every man wants—athletic, brave, handsome, and lots of fun", we quickly became enamored with the breed. We did believe, however, that our Persians influence would work to calm the renowned Japanese Bobtail spirit. We were wrong. Instead, the JBTs taught the Persians every fun trick in the book. When a JBT jumps onto a tabletop he can stop on a dime. Not so the Persian who follows suit—and slides on his tufty toes wiping out everything on the table!  

We have never looked back from opening our home to the Japanese Bobtails, and it is with a great deal of pride and pleasure that we share an insight into our "Girls".

GC, BW, NW Ticketyboo Mikomi

Black and White Japanese Bobtail Female
Birthdate: March 22, 2010
Sire: Ticketyboo Satsumaimo
Dam: CH Ticketyboo Dori-Dawn
Breeder/Owner: Rosina & Jim McGlynn

Photo by L. Johnson
GC, BW, NW Ticketyboo Mikomi
CFA's 19th Best Cat, 2012-2013
CFA's 12th Best Kitten, 2010-2011

Born to a mother who was herself raised by a Tortie Smoke Persian foster mother, "Mikki" was destined to have a different slant on life. Although a singleton kitten, she developed into the consummate social butterfly with the ability to fit into, and accept any company or situation. Whether two-legged or four, Mikki never met a stranger.

Thriving on new experiences she soaked up life on the road, and her unique facial markings were soon to be seen gazing out at the audience of many kitten finals, earning the eventual distinction of CFA's 12th Best Kitten, 2010-2011.

Baby Mikki

Those facial markings resembling 3 inverted triangles, each touching at their peak, were likened by some to the "Hazardous Materials" emblem --- how apt! Outwitting her human companions in finding mischief and fun, she can almost be seen to smile behind her mask.

The Japanese Bobtail is the most charming of creatures. Active, intelligent and comical describe the traits which make them wonderful companions, but above all they are INVOLVED---in everything. Wherever the action is, Mikki can be found, simply, quietly checking things out. For instance, is the wine in the rack fit to serve to guests? Did the house-painter do a good enough job? Shall I sit atop this ladder while you fetch the camera?

Perhaps this is Mikki's way of suggesting she is aging like a fine wine?

The instant the painter's back was turned, Mikki climbed atop his ladder to inspect his work.

Although older than most females in her breed being shown, at the start of last season Mikki had maintained her good body, and gentle out-going, easy approach. Her attitude to life had never altered, so after a year at home, we decided to see if she had retained her enjoyment of the show hall she displayed as a kitten.

It was like riding a bicycle—which she assures us she could do and would like to try. Mikki once again took to the show hall. Presenting herself to judges with an inevitable head-butt, with pride and dignity, Mikki represented her breed in once again finishing amongst the top as CFA's 19th Best Cat in Championship, 2012-2013.   

Photo by Chanan


GC, GP, NW Ticketyboo Nankinmushi

Mi-Ke Japanese Bobtail Female
Birthdate: June 10, 2011
Sire: Maricho's Kaio
Dam: GC, BW, NW Ticketyboo Wispa, DM
Breeder/Owner: Rosina & Jim McGlynn

Photo by L. Johnson
GC, GP, NW Ticketyboo Nankinmushi
CFA's 22nd Best Alter, 2012-2013

It can be tough being the daughter of one of the feline world's prima donnas, GC, BW, NW Ticketyboo Wispa, DM. As the precious offspring of a very cherished queen, the litter had to "endure" the surroundings of the home's Master Bedroom. 

Photo by Chanan
GC, BW, NW Ticketyboo Wispa, DM

While one's mother rests to escape the trauma of being swarmed by little beasties, a.k.a. kittens, one has to make one's own fun. The natural athleticism and strength of Japanese Bobtails, fueled by the desire for adventure, make using the bed skirt to scale the bed at a very early age, easy. Now for the best fun—running around under the sheets while people sleep. Hence her name—Nankinmushi—Japanese for Bedbug.

Baby Bug peers out from the bed covers . . .

"Bug" always seems to be part of the night-scene. While on the road, a hotel door ajar for a split second, saw her zip by Jimmy only to then run slightly ahead of him through the deserted hotel hallways. The unimaginable scenario of  stair case doors being wedged open, then allowed her to descend, via the hallways of each floor, from the 7th to the 2nd floor. On each floor, at some point she lay down and waited until Jimmy could catch up before resuming the tour. Once she realized that one hotel hall looks just the same as another, and it was too early for the breakfast buffet to open, she ran towards Jimmy and rubbed against his leg to be picked up, and carried back to bed.

Bug sees herself as a triple threat

Another Saturday late night was the product of a real fire at the hotel, which caused a deluge of water in our hotel room from the floor above, resulting in an evacuation. When eventually being allowed to re-enter only the lower lobby, a group of children found the ordeal less frightening as Bug visited with them, purred as they petted her and marveled and amused them with her odd-colored eyes.  Japanese Bobtails have a wonderful quality in reaching out, drawing in and enjoying human contact.

Performing socially, and in the show ring were one and the same to Bug. Each was an opportunity to connect with a human, leaving behind a demonstration of pleasure and affection. She charmed her way to CFA's 22nd Best Alter, 2012-2013 .

Photo by Chanan

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