CFF's Parade of Perfection for 2013-2014

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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without the express written permission of and are happy to present the top cats for 2013-2014 in CFF, the Cat Fanciers Federation, Inc. CFF is a feline registry with clubs and judges in the Midwest and Eastern portions of the United States. People can participate in CFF through individual membership and membership in CFF clubs in their area.

CFF's top cats are listed below


Best Cat    Kasseldolls Tekila Moon of Galactic - Lilac Lynx Point Ragdoll M
2nd Best Cat    Tiger Lili of Nubian - Ruddy Abyssinian F
3rd Best Cat    Tac-N-Tac Hajimi - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon M
4th Best Cat    Capital Heights Mikah - Silver Patched McTabby/White SH Scottish F
5th Best Cat    Spicehill Sawyer of Mundorio - Seal Point Himalayan M
6th Best Cat    Sweet Sebastian - Cream Persian M
7th Best Cat    Kasseldolls Katalily - Blue Lynx Point Ragdoll F
8th Best Cat    Loch Ness Pawz Bensen The Meek - Black SH Scottish M
9th Best Cat    Spicehill Dakini of Mundorio - Seal Point Himalayan M
10th Best Cat    Capital Heights Jr - Red Tabby Scottish Fold M
11th Best Cat    Ocean Folds Dandilion Fluff Floats - Cream Ticked Tabby SH Scottish M
12th Best Cat    Cap Hgts Mc Josie of Silver Nuggettes - Silver Patched McTabby/White Scottish Fold F
13th Best Cat    Coonificent Scoutangel of GGLegacy - Tortoiseshell Maine Coon F
14th Best Cat    Big Meow Victoria of Cameowcoons - Brown Patched Tabby Maine Coon F
15th Best Cat    Capital Heights Blue Moon - Blue-Cream Scottish Fold F
16th Best Cat    Sunlit Copper Pearl - Shaded Cameo Persian M
17th Best Cat    Kariana's Talbot Lago of Catbrier - Chestnut/White Oriental Shorthair M
18th Best Cat    GGLegacy Jasper Dandy of Kimbacats - Brown Spotted Tabby/White Maine Coon M
19th Best Cat    Finn Farm's Jumoke - Chocolate Point Birman F
20th Best Cat    Purrden Me Dr. Love of Purrinpuffs - Black Harlequin Persian M



Best Kitten    Purrden Me Dr. Love of Purrinpuffs - Black Harlequin Persian M
2nd Best Kitten    Kelim Coons Somangel of GGLegacy - Black/White Maine Coon M
3rd Best Kitten    Capital Heights Jr - Red Tabby Scottish Fold M
4th Best Kitten    Kasseldolls Chocolate Ice - Chocolate Colorpoint Ragdoll F
5th Best Kitten    Pawstuctaway Caleb of Cameowcoons - Red Marble Tabby Maine Coon M
6th Best Kitten    Kasseldolls Bella Ragazza - Chocolate Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll F
7th Best Kitten    Purrinpuffs Miss.Minnie - Red Tabby/White Persian F
8th Best Kitten    GGLegacy Imp Firedanceangel - Brown Patched Tabby Maine Coon F
9th Best Kitten    Galactic's Callisto - Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll F
10th Best Kitten    Adorablerags Tempest of Kasseldolls - Blue Tortie Point Bicolor Ragdoll F
11th Best Kitten    Maggie Lane Sally - Blue Patched Tabby/White Maine Coon F
12th Best Kitten    Loch Ness Pawz Jessie James Smokin' - Black Longhair Fold M
13th Best Kitten    Capital Heights Blue Moon - Blue-Cream Scottish Fold F
14th Best Kitten    Tac-N-Tac Fuu - Red McTabby Harlequin Maine Coon F
15th Best Kitten    Adorablerags Toot Sweet Caroline - Blue Tortie Point Bicolor Ragdoll F
16th Best Kitten    Talegre Lillian - Silver Patched Tabby/White Devon Rex F
17th Best Kitten    Silver Nuggettes McAngell Babe - Silver Patched McTabby/White SH Scottish F
18th Best Kitten    Finn Farm's Keeper-Of-The House - Cream Lynx Point Birman F
19th Best Kitten    Nubian's Mercedes - Red Abyssinian F
20th Best Kitten    Exotic Furs Baby Isabella - Silver/White Exotic LH F



Best Alter    Fendi - Cream Point Himalayan N
2nd Best Alter    Sandelar Tatiana Tachi of Suttonian - Dilute Calico Persian S
3rd Best Alter    Pinkatz Cosette of Suttonian - Silver Patched Tabby Exotic Shorthair S
4th Best Alter    Tana Bru's Finn W. - Brown McTabby/White Norwegian Forest Cat N
5th Best Alter    Granville Bennett - Black Exotic SH N
6th Best Alter    Ocean Folds Zacharina - Black/White Scottish Fold S
7th Best Alter    Kasseldolls Alexander of Cap Hgts - Seal Lynx Point Ragdoll N
8th Best Alter    Koda - Brown Tabby Bengal N
9th Best Alter    Kasseldolls Great Knight Geronimo - Chocolate Lynx Point Ragdoll N
10th Best Alter    Superdolls Danny Blueberrie - Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll N
11th Best Alter    Pinkatz Edison - Cream Point Exotic LH N
12th Best Alter    Pinkatz I B Hamlet - Red McTabby/White Exotic SH N
13th Best Alter    GGLegacy Kopiluwak - Brown Tabby Maine Coon N
14th Best Alter    Capital Heights Dawn - Brown Patched Tabby Scottish Fold S
15th Best Alter    Pinkatz Miss Carlee - Seal Tortie Point Exotic LH S
16th Best Alter    Bonnie Bell Of The Ball - Brown Torbie Persian CPC S
17th Best Alter    Pentaclecats Dexter Morgan - Ruddy Abyssinian N
18th Best Alter    Jazzy Abbys Buddy Rich - Ruddy Abyssinian N
19th Best Alter    Stone Creek's Pugsly Alanzo - Black Smoke Exotic SH N
20th Best Alter    Finn Farm's Icy Blue Sparks - Blue Lynx Point Birman N

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