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Perhaps the most coveted title a cat can be awarded in CFA is that of Distinguished Merit or DM.

To be awarded the Distinguished Merit title in CFA, a male cat must sire a minimum of 15 cats who have earned at least one of three titles: Grand Champion, Grand Premier or Distinguished Merit.

A Female DM must have produced 5 or more offspring who earn at least one of these titles.

Regardless of how many titles it earns, an individual cat can count only once towards the DM title of each of its parents.

Often called the "Breeder's" title, the DM represents how well a cat has contributed to the next generation of its breed... and it is the recognition of this impact on future generations that makes this award such a special accomplishment.

The LaPerm was first accepted for championship competition in CFA in 2008. In 2013, the first Distinguished Merit title earned by a LaPerm was a brown mackerel tabby female named GP Triple Tiara Hanon of Kokuryu, DM. To date, there have not been any male Distinguished Merit cats.

LaPerm Distinguished Merit Cats in CFA

GP Triple Tiara Hanon of Kokuryu, DM
First LaPerm DM
Brown McTabby LH
CH Miss Milk-Of-Nekotama, DM
Blue Lynx Point LH
CH Triple Tiara Horn, DM
Brown Patched McTabby SH
Triple Tiara Mousse, DM
Brown McTabby SH

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