Gerri Logan, of Loganderry & Derry-Hill Devon Rex
Published March 2015

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Gerri Logan & Friend

The morning of February 25, 2015, the incomparable Gerri Logan of Loganderry and Derry-Hill Devon Rex fame lost her battle against lung cancer.

Gerri's daughter, Kelly, and Gerri's long time friend and breeding partner, Claudia Hasay, were at her bedside in Cape Ann, Massachusetts.

Gerri Logan was a "Grande Dame" of the Devon Rex and contributed to the Devon Rex being accepted in CFA. This is her story . . .


In The Beginning

It all began in 1982.  The last of Gerri & Bob Logan's pet Siamese had passed away. Bob felt he would always be comparing a new kitty to the old, so he didn't want to get another pointed kitty.  Gerri attended a cat show one Saturday looking for a new kitten, perhaps a Cornish Rex or an Abyssinian. While admiring all the various felines, she spied a cat the likes of which she had never seen before.  It was a hairless thing with tufts on its ears. It looked like it had fur boots on, with great big eyes, turned up nose, and ears falling off the side of its head.

Gerri gasped, giggled, and almost dropped to her knees with laughter.  It was the weirdest, funniest thing she had ever seen. In Gerri's words,

"I was a goner."

Saturday night she hauled Bob off the ski slopes and told him he had to come to the show on Sunday to see this weird cat.  When Bob saw the funny feline he fell totally in love.  Of course, the strange kitty was a Devon Rex. Gerri and Bob could never have imagined in that moment how their lives were about to change . . .

The Logans made arrangements to visit with the breeder at her home the following Wednesday.  Once there, Bob was captivated by a tortie kitten and asked how much. The breeder shook her head and said,

"Oh, you can't have her."

Bob was perplexed . . .

"Why not? Aren't you in the business of selling cats?"

The breeder explained,

"She's a female, and special, and Devons are not fully recognized yet in CFA—they are still only provisional. To get the breed recognized we need more breeders, more registered catteries and more Devon litters registered. If you want her you will have to pay $350 for her, but more importantly you must show her in CFA. You will have to register a cattery name, register the cat and have a litter. That's what we need to get Devons recognized in CFA."

Bob wanted that tortie and so they agreed—and the Logans kept their end of the bargain.  They named the tortie Lucy and took her to her first show.  Bob thought it was the most boring thing ever.  Gerri continued showing Lucy in the kitten class, then learned about Opens and Winners ribbons.  Lucy became a Champion and Gerri thought, Hallelujah, I'm done! . . .except the breeder said they had to Grand her too.  Back to the shows they went.

At one time, there wasn’t a separate Devon Rex class in CFA . . . all the Rex breeds were judged together.  By the time Gerri came along, efforts spearheaded by her future friend, Ann Gibney, had managed to have the Devons separated from the Rex class and placed in a provisional class of their own along with their own show standard.  For the breed to progress to full Championship status, it then became all about the numbers—showing Devons in every region of CFA, having enough breeders and registering sufficient litters and cats for the breed to advance.  Gerri joined the effort with her fellow breeders to show and breed and educate the judges about Devons.  In 1983 Devon Rex were finally granted full Championship status in CFA.

Gerri continued to show in CFA and TICA but mostly in ACFA until 1993 when she committed to CFA as her registry of choice.  Then along came Kissy . . .

Kissy as a kitten
Photo by Carl Widmer

GC, BW, NW Loganderry's Kiss And Tell

In the spring of 1994, GC Loganderry's Tamara's Headlines gave birth to a brown patched McTabby female Devon that would make history in CFA.

The kitten was born with plenty of personality.  Even as a tiny tot she would toddle up to Gerri and kiss her on the lips.  When the time came to choose a registered name, Gerri couldn't resist naming her precocious pixie Loganderry's Kiss And Tell.

Gerri believed in Kissy and decided to campaign her to a national award in Championship . . . or at least try.  It was Gerri's first national campaign, so while Kissy immediately started winning, not all things go smoothly on a first-time campaign trail.

Take for instance one eventful weekend when Gerri and three friends traveled to a weekend show, spending Saturday night together at a Red Roof Inn.  Sunday morning, they were all gabbing away about Devons (of course) when they realized the show started at 9am and it was already 8:45!

Quickly packing up, they raced out the door—even though Gerri's hair was dripping wet fresh out of the shower!

They made it to the show and Gerri hustled to the ladies room to put on makeup and dry and curl her hair.  Suddenly Kissy was on 2nd call for the show ring and Gerri was nowhere to be found.  A friend dashed to the ladies room to get Gerri, who came running from the restroom—curling iron on one side of her hair—the other side straight as an arrow.  Gerri grabbed Kissy and got her to the ring.

Once the judging was done, Gerri casually returned to the ladies room to finish curling her hair.  She didn't blink an eye.  Her friends were not surprised at her cool, although they fell over laughing about it afterwards.

Gerri campaigned Kissy to CFA's 7th Best Cat in Championship for 1995-96.  

GC, BW, NW Loganderry's Kiss And Tell is still the Highest Scoring Devon Rex in CFA history with 9378.2 points—a record that still stands two decades later.

GC, BW, NW Loganderry's Turtle of Dilettante, DM
Photo by Chanan

More Loganderry National Winners & Another History Maker

The Loganderry Devons continued to dominate in the show rings of CFA, winning Best of Breed Devon Rex for five straight years from 1995 and 2000.

During the same time frame, Gerri co-bred and co-owned two more national winners with her friend, Wendy Renner, of Dilettante Devon Rex.

Their national winning Devons included:

  • GC, BW, NW Loganderry's Turtle of Dilettante, DM
    • 1997-98 CFA's 10th Best Kitten
    • 1998-99 CFA's 12th Best Cat
    • First National Devon Rex Kitten Winner in CFA
    • Highest Scoring Devon Rex Kitten in the history of CFA
    • Only Double National Winner Devon Rex the history of CFA

  • GC, BW, NW Dilettante Shellgame of Loganderry
    • 1999-2000 CFA's 24th Best Cat

The Loganderry Look

Gerri had firmly established the renowned "Loganderry Look" that became synonymous with exquisite Devons.  Gerri's own words best describe her breeding philosophy:

"Only after I had incorporated outcrosses and bred to the look that I wished to pursue did I feel I had created a line of my own.  I believe it is the choices of outcrosses and the selections of breeding pairs based upon study of pedigrees towards an inner vision that eventually create a line that other breeders can recognize as a particular look that is distinctive within the parameters of the Standard of Perfection.  In other words, lines are created through selective breedings arising from a variety of bloodlines over a period of years and many generations wherein the breeder breeds to an image held in the mind's eye and creates a look that is distinctive but within the dictates of the Standard of Perfection."

Gerri, The Story-Teller

Gerri was almost as renowned for her story-telling as she was for her magnificent cats.  For instance, there was the tale she would tell of a little white Devon named Breezy that Gerri received from her mentor, Mary Robinson of Marya Devons.  Gerri loved to tell the story of Breezy's obsession with daffodils . . .

Here is how Gerri could paint a picture with words . . .

I think if Mary and I ever had a portrait painted of our Breezy boy, we’d have a daffodil casually falling over one ear.  He had a passion for daffodils and no centerpiece was safe from his irrational desire.  No number of threatening gestures from me could deter him from his appointed robberies.

He had two methods of attack—speed and stealth.

The speed thing was actually pretty straight forward.  He would feign interest in an invisible bug, leaping and tumbling until he achieved just the proper tilt, attitude, and . . . blam! . . . the tail propeller at blur revs, back legs pumping, jaws open . . . he would leap and hit the dining room table at full slide, neatly pluck one, and only one, daffodil from the centered bouquet as he screamed on past and dropped over the side to the floor.  Then, flower gently held between his teeth, he would trot off to God knows where to commune with nature.

The stealth thing was funnier than all get out.  Breezy knew that if he moved slowly enough, he was invisible.  He would lie down on the end of the dining table and stare at his prize. Slowly he would inch a paw toward the bouquet . . . until one of us would say, in a normal, conversational tone, and without glancing up, “No, Breezy.” Instant freeze.

Paw raised at awkward position but frozen, none the less.  Then the inching would begin all over again.  Mary and I could be playing the name game and eating Dove Bars for an hour and the Breezer would take every minute of that time to inch on over to the daffodils . . . spending untold minutes frozen in impossible positions just because one of us said, “No, Breezy” every few minutes.  Of course we would pretend not to notice when he finally claimed his prize after sitting beside and then leaning against the vase with such intensity that he shuddered.  I fully expected to hear him groan as he made the grab, but he never did.  Just high-stepped it around the corner with his tail carried as high as the darn daffodil.

The Derry-Hill Devon Rex

Gerri lost her husband, Bob, in 2001.  It was a very difficult time for her.  Claudia Hasay of Hilltop Park Maine Coons also lost her husband around the same time. Claudia felt she could not do the big Maine Coons alone, so she went in search of another breed.  She decided on the Devon Rex, but not any Devon Rex—a Loganderry Devon.  

Without her husband, Gerri had decided to stop breeding.  Claudia had other ideas.  Gerri gave Claudia a cat to show in Premiership . . . and then another to breed. The two widows started working together.  For the next few years Gerri and Claudia shared kitties back and forth as co-owners & co-breeders but maintaining their separate cattery identities.  In 2009, the two women merged their cattery names to create Derry-Hill Devon Rex.  The Derry-Hill Devons would go on to earn titles in both the show ring and in agility competitions.  

Gerri and Derry-Hill Sugartoes

Gerri's Impact On The Devon Rex Breed

Gerri dedicated her life to breeding, showing and promoting her beloved pixies.  A true breeder, she was able to look at any pedigree and know what would work to produce a Devon that would have that beautiful Loganderry Look.  

Equally significant was her impact as a mentor to others.  She shared her knowledge and was renowned for sharing her bloodlines too.

Gerri touched the lives of so many people in the cat fancy . . .

Wendy Renner, Dilettante Devon Rex:

Gerri Logan was my mentor.  Without her I would never have been a breeder.  I started showing in Premiership in 1994 with a boy I adored. I was campaigning him for a regional win when another Devon breeder began showing a cat in Premiership that was a previous winner in Championship.  She told me she only needed one show to grand her cat and if I wanted my boy to continue gaining points I had better travel to away shows as she was sure I could afford it better than she could.  When Gerri heard what had happened she was so upset that she promised me a kitten to show in Premiership.  That kitten was GC, RW Loganderry Truffles of Dilettante, DM.  Truffles never showed in Premiership but went on to produce GC, BW, NW Loganderry Turtle of Dilettante, DM as well as two male DMs.  Without Gerri Logan this would never have happened.  My beloved Truffles lived to 18 years and I will forever be grateful to Gerri for her presence in my life.  I am sure Truffles and Turtle were waiting for Gerri as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Claudia Hasay, Hilltop Park & Derry-Hill Devon Rex:

Gerri was one of the fortunate few who found her passion in life.  She was instrumental in the development, breeding, exhibiting and preserving the Devon Rex cat.  Her passion brought her well deserved acclaim, reflected in the outpouring of emotion, across the globe by those who viewed her as a friend, mentor and inspiration.  I was lucky enough to count myself among them. 

Carolyn Jimenez & Kristin Nowell, Ready or Not Devon Rex:

We were smitten with the Devon Rex at a cat show.  We then went in search of our own.  Ultimately we ended up talking with Claudia Hasay, who worked with Gerri breeding Devon Rex.  We started going to as many cat shows we could to spend more time with the Devon Rex.  In fact, we attended so frequently, we were dubbed "The Devon Stalkers", as in "Oh look, it's the Devon Stalkers again."  After getting a pet Devon from Gerri and Claudia they were kind enough to let us show him in Premiership.  Once we were bitten by the show bug, Gerri proclaimed, "We have to get you a show cat."  Several months later they offered us a cute 5 month old girl.  She became GC, GP, RW Derry-Hill Lovie's Little Kiwi. Along with our show cat came the offer, "If you would like to breed her, we will support you." Who would turn down that offer? That was the beginning of Ready or Not Devon Rex.  Gerri and Claudia were incredible, serving as mentors, advisors and chief hand-holders when needed.  Gerri was generous with her knowledge and her cats. She also was always honest and direct, whether you wanted that or not.  She had an incredibly sharp wit and irreverent sense of humor that will be sorely missed.  The Devon Rex community has lost a tremendous part of its history, and possibly part of its future, with the passing of Gerri Logan. 

Linda Peterson, Karmacatz Devon Rex:

Gerri was an amazing breeder.  I learned so much from her.  I remember when we were at a show together and she told me, "Close your eyes and feel the head of your Devon. Use only your fingers to assess the structure and compare in your mind to the standard".   Her breeding philosophy is one I endeavor to emulate.  She was a friend, mentor, and amazing woman.  She and Denis provided me with the foundation and ongoing support for my breeding program.  I was fortunate to spend wonderful times at shows and as a guest in her home over the years.  The wealth of knowledge she imparted was invaluable and her support of my breeding program immense. The two NW's I was fortunate to achieve were directly related to Loganderry Devons.  As were many of the RW's and Breed wins.  I have been blessed by all this, and I will never forget what she has done for me and for so many others.

Bobbie Irie, Jobara Devon Rex:

This past week, I had been thinking about Gerri but then there's not a day that goes by where her influence isn't felt.  When I look at my babies, cuddle with them, give them kisses, see them on the table, or evaluate them at birth, something of Gerri is there.  That's how synonymous she is with Devons.  Thank you Gerri, for gracing our lives on so many levels, for all you have shared in the Devon community, for your legacy.  May your spirit and love of Devons reside in our hearts and hopefully we will do you proud as we continue. Farewell, Dear Lady.

Kayla Irmscher, Devon Joi Devon Rex:

Gerri was a long time ACFA exhibitor of Devon Rex and all the Devon people learned so much from her.  You know its a Loganderry cat when you see it. Loganderry will live on for many more years.

Ellyn Honey, CFA Judge:

Gerri was such a good friend to me over the years.  Back in the day, it was from Gerri that I learned about this breed so close to her heart.  She was one of my favorite people and we kind of grew up together in the Fancy, as we both lived in Region 2.  In those days I saw her often at shows, and she had such a great sense of humor.  She would often call after she sent a photo of one of her darling Devon kittens to ask, "What color do you think this cat is?". You could always tell the "Loganderry Look", which she perfected. Gerri, fly free!  You will be missed by all who knew you.

Donna Fariello, Lexidon Siamese:

I met Gerri when I first became involved with CFA.  She was very helpful to me when I was learning the ropes of showing & breeding. She was always there when I had a question.  I remember some of her beautiful Devons including Kiss & Tell.  She had that unmistakable Loganderry look on her Devons.  Rest in peace dear friend.

Gerri, Fall 2014

Farewell Sweet Gerri

Even as her health declined, Gerri always maintained her riotous and irreverent sense of humor and keen wit.

She was still up for a good story or sharing one of her signature amusing tales.

She enjoyed visits from many of her good friends, her daughter, Kelly, and her granddaughters, Chelsea, Nora, Logan, & Jamison Rose.  She enjoyed her Koi pond in the garden.  And of course, she snuggled with her baby pixies.

Gerri is now with her beloved husband, Bob, and her friends and four-legged family members that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge before her.  Gerri will never be forgotten.  The Devon Rex Breed Club will be honoring her with a special award that will be given to the Best Devon Rex Kitten at the end of each show season.  Gerri loved kittens and this award will have her smiling down from heaven.

The Devon Rex breed has lost a legend . . .

Gerri Logan's legacy lives on . . .

And now, photos of just a few of the remarkable Devon Rex bred and/or owned by Gerri Logan . . .

GC, BW, NW Loganderry's
Kiss And Tell

CFA's 7th Best Cat 1995-96
Highest Scoring Devon Rex in CFA History

1995-1996 Devon Rex Breed Club Kienzle Award Winner

Brown Patched Mctabby Female Devon Rex
Born May 9, 1994
Sire: CH Loganderry's On A Wing And A Prayer
Dam: GC Loganderry's Tamara's Headlines
Br/Ow: Gerri-Bob Logan

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan


GC, BW, NW Loganderry's Turtle of Dilettante, DM

1997-98 CFA's 10th Best Kitten
1998-99 CFA's 12th Best Cat
First National Devon Rex Kitten Winner in CFA
Highest Scoring Devon Rex Kitten in CFA History
Only Double National Winner Devon Rex in CFA History
1998-99 Devon Rex Breed Club Kienzle Award Winner

Born July 19, 1997
Chocolate Tabby Devon Rex Female
Sire: Purrexcious Pewter of Loganderry
Dam: GC, RW Loganderry's Truffles of Dilettante, DM
Br: Wendy Renner-Gerri Logan
Ow: Gerri Logan-Wendy Renner

Dam of :

GC, BW, NW Dilettante Shellgame of Loganderry
CG, RW Dilettante Cinnabon

Photo by Chanan

GC, RW Loganderry's
Truffles of Dilettante, DM

CFA Northwest Region Best Kitten 1995-1996

Red Mackerel Tabby Devon Rex Female
Born April 18, 1995
Sire: GC Loganderry's Winged Victory
Dam: CH Loganderry's Chin Chin Cherie
Br: Gerri-Bob Logan
Ow: Wendy Renner

Dam of:

GC, BW, NW, Loganderry’s Turtle of Dilettante, DM
GC, RW Loganderry’s Nordy Bars of Dilettante

GC Dilettante Beignet, DM
CH Dilettante Napoleon of Karmacatz, DM

Photo by Carl Widmer

GC, BW, RW Loganderry's
Sophie Rose of Pum-Ko

CFA North Atlantic Region 5th Best Cat 1996-1997
1996-97 Devon Rex Breed Club Kienzle Award Winner

Brown McTabby Devon Rex Female
Born: July 20, 1995
Sire: Loganderry's Little Drummerboy
Dam: GC, BW, NW Loganderry's Kiss And Tell
Owner: Bob-Carole Salisbury-Gerri Logan

Photo by Carl Widmer

GC, RW Loganderry's
Nordy Bars of Dilettante

CFA Northwest Region's 8th Best Cat 1998-1999

Chocolate Silver Patched Tabby Devon Rex Female
Born: July 19, 1997
Sire: Purrexcious Pewter of Loganderry
Dam: GC, RW Loganderry's Truffles of Dilettante, DM
Br: Wendy Renner-Gerri Logan
Ow: Wendy Renner

Photo by Carl

GC, BW, NW Dilettante Shellgame of Loganderry

CFA's 24th Best Cat 1999-2000

1999-2000 Devon Rex Breed Club Kienzle Award Winner

Cinnamon Patched Mackerel Tabby Devon Rex Female
Born October 23, 1998
Sire: GC Loganderry's Kismet of Skylarque
Dam: GC, BW, NW Loganderry's Turtle of Dilettante, DM 
Br: Wendy Renner-Gerri Logan
Ow: Gerri Logan-Wendy Renner

GC Loganderry's Ditto
of Hilltop Park

Brown Patched McTabby Devon Rex Female 
Born: May 4, 2003
Sire: CH Loganderry's Ti Bon Ange of Busykitty
Dam: Loganderry's Honey Shucks
Breeder: Gerri and Bob Logan 
Owner: Gerri Logan-Claudia Hasay 

Photo by Jim Child

GC Loganderry Kokomo
of Hilltop Park

Chocolate Silver Patched Tabby Devon Rex Female
DOB: May 8, 2007
Sire: GC Hilltop Park INXS of Loganderry
Dam: Loganderry 3 Wishes of Hilltop Park
Breeder: Gerri and Bob Logan 
Owner: Gerri Logan-Claudia Hasay 

Photo by Jim Child

GC, RW Loganderry Cooper
of Hilltop Park

CFA North Atlantic Region 7th Best Kitten 2008-2009
Best SH Kitten, CFA International Show 2008

Brown Mackerel Tabby Devon Rex Female

Born April 25, 2008
Sire: Loganderry Flitabug of Hilltop Park
Dam: GC Loganderry Ditto of Hilltop Park
Br/Ow: Gerri Logan-Claudia Hasay

Photo by St. Arnaud

GC, RW Derry-Hill
Get Smoochie

CFA North Atlantic Region 13th Best Cat 2009-2010
CFA North Atlantic Region 9th Best Kitten 2009-2010

Silver McTabby/White Devon Rex Male
Born March 3, 2009
Sire: GC Hilltop Park Inxs of Loganderry
Dam: Loganderry Missy of Hilltop Park
Br: Gerri Logan-Claudia Hasay
Ow: Claudia Hasay-Gerri Logan



Smoochie is pictured above dressed in pixie wings to greet the public at the huge
"Meet the Breeds Event" in New York City in 2010. Tens of thousands of people came to see the different breeds of cats and dogs. Smoochie lived up to his name that day, giving kisses to many children over the fun weekend and representing his breed with style, class and Devon enthusiasm.

GC, GP, RW Hilltop Park
INXS of Loganderry

CFA North Atlantic Region
25th Best Cat
in Premiership 2010-2011

Chocolate Silver McTabby Devon Rex Male
Born July 26, 2005
Sire: CH Whiteweb Whoopie of Loganderry
Dam: Loganderry's Poof!
Br/Ow: Claudia Hasay-Gerri Logan 

AC, RW Derry-Hill Joy Ride

CFA North Atlantic Region 4th Best Kitten 2011-2012
Agility Title Holder

Brown Patched Mackerel Tabby Devon Rex Female
Born January 11, 2011
Sire: CH Hilltop Park Sue of Loganderry
Dam: GC, RW Loganderry's Cooper of Hilltop Park
Br: Gerri Logan-Claudia Hasay
Ow: Claudia Hasay-Gerri Logan

Photo by Chanan


GC, GP, RW Derry-Hill
Lovie's Little Kiwi

CFA North Atlantic's 3rd Best Cat in Premiership 2013-14
CFA North Atlantic's 5th Best Cat in Premiership 2012-13

5 Times Best in Show

Chocolate Patched Mackerel Tabby Devon Rex Spay
Born April 25, 2009
Sire: Hilltop Park INXS of Loganderry 
Dam: Loganderry's Lilaflit of Hilltop Park
Br: Gerri Logan-Claudia Hasay-C. Curran 
Ow: Carolyn Jimenez-Kristin Nowell



Photo by L. Johnson

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan
Gerri's favorite photo of Kiwi as a kitten . . .

"Gerri's Album"
A Collection of images from the life and Devon times of Gerri Logan

Author's Note: I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who provided photos for this tribute including
Carolyn Jimenez, Kristin Nowell, Tom Frank, Joseph Leung, Susan Honora Stowe, Lisa Sandnes,
Richard Katris (Chanan), Larry Johnson, Carl Widmer, Jim Child & St. Arnaud


Gerri in 1942

Gerri studying first aid . . .


Gerri meets Bob . . . and they raise a family together. . .


I take this woman to be my wedded wife . . .

Happiness . . .

The newly married couple pass beneath the Saber Arch

Gerri, Kelly, Robbie, Schnauzer & Bob

Lounging on the patio . . .

Bob receives his Bronze Star

Gerri with the Siamese that were the Logan's first feline loves . . .


Enter the Devons . . . and new friends & experiences . . .


A pile of Devons-Loganderry style

Gerri with a special rosette . . . & . . . Gerri with a special kitty

Gerri, Wendy Renner (Dilettante Devon Rex) and Dick Kallemeyer
Photo by Chanan

(left) Gerri & Linda Peterson (Karmacatz Devon Rex) (right) Gerri and a Devon

Gerri, Kate Ekanger (Cloudborn Devon Rex), Linda Peterson (Karmacatz Devon Rex), Kristen Harrison (Dayclear Devon Rex)

Gerri & Denis Downey (Northshore Devon Rex) at Hidden Peak, Devon Heaven, show in Timonium, MD 2001

Gerri, Anita Henrikson (Permarex Devon Rex) & Judie Hudgens (Bluegenes Devon Rex)

Gerri with the "kids" at a show

Claudia Hasay (Derry-Hill Devon Rex) with GC, RW Derry-Hill Get Smoochie at Meet The Breeds 2010

Gerri, Bob Kinsey (Keniakats) & Linda Peterson (Karmacatz Devon Rex)

(Left) Kate Ekanger (Cloudborn Devon Rex & LaPerms, Scotland) & Gerri, (right) Gerri & Anne Frank

Anne Frank, Gerri, Anita Henrikson (Permarex Devon Rex) discuss a kitten's potential . . .

Gerri, Carolyn Jimenez (Ready or Not Devon Rex) & Claudia Hasay

The bookends have lost it!

CFA AB Judge Russell Webb (Whiteweb Cornish Rex) with Gerri at a cookout at Claudia's

Gerri's granddaughter Jamie loves Devon's too . . .

And finally, a few candid photos of Gerri's Kids. . .

Judging is done! It's time to take me back to my benching!

Photo by Carl

GC, BW, NW Loganderry's Turtle of Dilettante, DM at 10 months

Derry-Hill Frank Lee My Dear charming CFA judge Wayne Trevathan

GC, GP, RW Derry-Hill Lovie's Little Kiwi looks like she is
planning her escape from her show tent

Gerri loved this photo of Baby Cooper
(GC, RW Loganderry Cooper of Hilltop Park)

Derry-Hill Rebel Diamonds plays peek-a-boo under the covers

A litter of kittens out of GC, RW Loganderry Cooper of Hilltop Park

Baby Pixies

GC, RW Derry-Hill Get Smoochie lives up to his name giving out kisses to children at Meet The Breeds 2010

Derry-Hill kittens scrambling for attention at Meet The Breeds 2011

Registered as INXS (GC, GP, RW Hilltop Park INXS of Loganderry) but they call him 'Lovie'. He gives kisses and hugs and so deserves his nickname!

(left) A Loganderry pet kitten cuddles with his new best friend and (right) Skeeter (Loganderry Amos Quito) lounges in his donut bed . . .

Gerri 2012

Kissy in 2005, a senior citizen
Photo by Chanan

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