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The highest achievement in the CFA show ring is accomplished when a cat successfully earns the title of National Winner (NW). CFA established the title of Grand Champion in 1930 and the title of National Winner first appeared in 1971. In CFA, each year the top 25 cats in Championship, 25 Kittens and 25 cats in Premiership are awarded the NW title.

In the mid-1960's, efforts were made to breed a more moderate, balanced breed of cat. Crossing the Siamese and Burmese, it was decided to call the new breed Tonkinese. Acceptance with CFA was a hard road, and many opposed the recognition of this new breed, seeing them as merely pet quality Siamese or Burmese. CFA finally accepted them for registration in 1978, and they were accepted for championship status in 1984.

It wasn't until the 1991-92 show season that the Tonkinese had their first National Winner - a female named GC, GP, NW Honeypointe Uptown Girl who was 9th Best Alter.

To date, no Tonkinese has earned a "Best" in any of the categories - the breed's most successful season to date was the 2003-04 show season, where Tonkinese earned 3 National placements.

Below is a table with the national winning Tonkinese including their name, color, sex, year of their win, and the award they earned.

If the cat's name is in blue text, you can click on it to see a photo of the cat. Championship cats names are on an orange background, kittens are on pink and alters are on a blue background.

Tonkinese National Winners in CFA

Year Position Cat's Name Color Sex
No Tonkinese National Winners
1990-91 9th Best Alter GC, GP, NW Honeypointe's Uptown Girl Platinum Mink S
1991-92 No Tonkinese National Winners
1992-93 No Tonkinese National Winners
1993-94 No Tonkinese National Winners
1994-95 No Tonkinese National Winners
1995-96 No Tonkinese National Winners
1996-97 14th Best Cat GC, NW Torador's Antigone of Seaflower, DM Platinum Mink F
1997-98 No Tonkinese National Winners
1998-99 No Tonkinese National Winners
1999-00 No Tonkinese National Winners
2000-01 No Tonkinese National Winners
2001-02 5th Best Cat GC, BW, NW Purrtek's Chianti Platinum Mink F
2002-03 15th Best Alter GP, NW Cylin's Julia of Cking Platinum Mink S
2003-04 12th Best Cat GC, BW, NW Lovnpaws Jack Daniels of Purrtek Platinum Mink M
16th Best Cat GC, NW Opurra Jack Rance of Spielzeit Platinum Mink M
12th Best Alter GP, NW Seaflower's Annette Platinum Mink S
2004-05 20th Best Alter GP, NW Wenlock Courante of Dulcimer Champagne Mink S
2005-06 6th Best Cat GC, BW, NW Seaflower's Little Rosebud Platinum Point F
8th Best Alter GP, NW Karessence Ralph Lauren Platinum Mink N
2006-07 No Tonkinese National Winners
2007-08 20th Best Alter CH, GP, NW Cecchetti Million Dollar Baby Platinum Mink N
2008-09 5th Best Cat GC, BW, NW Purrtek's Moscato Platinum Point M
2009-10 7th Best Kitten GC, NW Purrtek Syrah Platinum Mink M
21st Best Kitten GC, NW Purrtek Summer Wine Platinum Point M
2010-11 3rd Best Cat GC, BW, NW Purrtek Shiraz Platinum Point M
9th Best Kitten GC, NW Seaflower's Sweet William Rose Platinum Point M
2011-12 No Tonkinese National Winners
2012-13 15th Best Cat GC, BW, NW Purrtek Bolero Platinum Mink M
11th Best Kitten GC, NW Purrtek Riesling Platinum Mink M
2013-14 10th Best Cat GC, BW, NW Wan-Lea Bond Girl Vespurr Platinum Point F
20th Best Cat GC, NW Purrtek Riesling Platinum Mink M
2014-15 No Tonkinese National Winners
2015-16 10th Best Kitten,
Regions 1-9
GC, NW Seaflower's Remington Rose Platinum Point M
11th Best Alter,
Regions 1-9
GP, NW Wan-Lea Bond Boy Bond James Bond Champagne Mink N
2016-17 16th Best Cat,
Regions 1-9
GC, BWR, NW Wan-Lea Bond Boy M Platinum Point M
25th Best Cat,
Regions 1-9
GC, NW Wan-Lea Bond Boy Daniel Craig Platinum Mink M
22nd Best Alter,
Regions 1-9
GP, NW Seaflower's Timmy Rose Champagne Point N

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