Ceylon's Wand-erland: Stunning & Unique Cat Teasers
BY LEE HARPER, Mockingbird Persians & Exotics
Published November 2016

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Photo by Brittney Gobble

Almost a year ago I received an amazing Christmas present of three Wand-erland cat teasers.

As a longtime cat lover, I have owned many teasers through the years, but I had never seen anything like the Wand-erland teasers.

They were each unique, stunningly beautiful and created with remarkable craftsmanship.

These incredible cat toys are designed by retired Persian breeder Chasity Rader.

Made With Kitty-Safe & High Quality Materials

Chasity creates a variety of designs — designing for all cats, customizing for the needs of different breeds and for felines and kitties in each stage of life.

The beautiful wands are both durable and cat-safe. The hand-spun tinsel tops are designed to just stretch and snap if a claw is snagged or tangled.

Chasity also uses a mylar material that is as thin as a human hair. Because the mylar has no sharp edges, even if a strand is accidentally ingested, it will simply pass through without harming the kitty (unlike the danger posed by Christmas tinsel).

Charity Is Part Of Wand-erland's Efforts

Chasity is working with a several cat cafes to create wands with lower costs in mind and specific design elements to help financially support their efforts to help to find shelter cats their own loving forever homes.

Where To Purchase Your Ceylon Wand-erland Teaser

Lower on this page you will find photos and description of the amazing Wand-erland teasers Ceylon Wand-erland teasers, Choose your favorites and place your order for Christmas gift-giving. They are available for purchase online around the world: Click on the blue links below to go to any of the websites or Facebook pages to find a wand of your choosing:

Wand-erland's Latest Creations

Chasity has recently turned her talents to more complex designs to offer even more functionality and stimulation for the cats. Below you will find just a small sample of her delightful wands . . .

The Kitten Kit:
The Kitten Kit cat toy features bells, crystals and aluminum handles that retract/extend when wanting a little bit more length. What makes the Kitten Kit so special is it's an extendable retractable wand handle with 6 connectable/removable/interchangeable tops. Cats of all ages love it, but we call it the Kitten Kit because it's interchangeable toppers are very demure and not intimidating to shy cats or kittens. It's a small wand that can fit into your pocket purrrrrr-fect for teaching the little ones how to play.

See other colors of The Kitten Kit at https://www.facebook.com/pg/CeylonsWanderland/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1003225986464009

The-Does-It-All Wand

One handle for the rest of your life? Yes it can be done and I've made it! The handle is Stainless steel and filled with crystals. The top of the handle features a swivel hook system similar to the Kitten Kit that gives easy accessibility to changing the top of the wand from one minute to the next. I've been working hard on creating a large variety of tops such as Feathers, hand spun tinsel, crystals, faux leather, real leather, flexible crystal strands, rabbit fur, fox fur, mink fur, faux furs and more! All of these will be available at the CFA International show Nov 19-20, 2016.

Photo by Phuong Conway

The Muchness Wand

In keeping with the style that's become synonymous for Wand-erland designs, the handles of the Muchness wands are stainless steel and filled with crystals.

Photo by Phuong Conway

The Gobbler

The Gobbler is a hand spun tinsel top wand with a unique handle in the shape of a feather. Simply scratch the ribbed "veins" of the feather handle for a 'gobble, gobble, gobble' sound sure to intrigue your cat.

Photo by Phuong Conway

The March Hares:
This is a cat toy meant to hang inside a show cage/tent or to hang at home for fun playtime for your pampered felines. Length from the hook to the bottom of one is approx 14". Fully stretched out is approx 38". Naturally each one is slightly different depending on length of the feathers. Materials, Playful furry puff, feathers, silky thread tassels, 14K Gold Plated Zinc Alloy and the bungee cord is plastic with a new and improved Aluminum clip. Each USA Order March Hare comes with my own home made cat nip oil spray with dried cat nip inside. It's included so you can spray the puffs to give your kitty an extra special delight if desired. These are glass spray bottles. Another additional feature about this wand-erful toy is it's created to have parts replaced if needed over time. Which leads me to share with your readers the next evolution of wand designs created with this replaceable/interchangeable parts as well.

You can see most photos of March Hares at https://www.facebook.com/pg/CeylonsWanderland/photos/?tab=album&album_id=968234679963140

Dodo Bird Wand with Feather Top

The Dodo Bird Wand is a flittery-fluttery wand featuring Swarovski crystals with a Feather top. The feathers selected in this cat teaser toy flitters and flys creating both a visual and auditory stimulation to bring out your cats natural instincts to play. The feathers are able to withstand some chewing as your cat pounces to catch it's prey.

See more colors at https://www.facebook.com/804676772985599/photos/?tab=album&album_id=997099147076693

The Mini DoDo Bird:

Same design as the DoDo Bird but shorter overall length and different feathers used that are softer. Both of these wands handles are meant to last a lifetime and as feathers become damaged they can easily be replaced with the connection of a simple O Ring by it's owner. I offer full feather replacements for $5.00 (plus shipping if needed) so your wands will always look like new and can change colors when ever desired.

Hand Sewn Catnip Stuffed Bunnies

Chasity's hand sewn catnip stuffed bunnies are debuting at the CFA International show, November 19.20. 2016. They are created specifically to offer at this show and will not be available after November..

Special Seasonal-Themed Wands

Chasity has designed several seasonal wands especially for the upcoming holidays:








Rainbow Snowflakes

These wands feature pastel opalescent snowflakes, crystals and and curly feather tops.









Opalescent Purple Snowflakes

The wands have handles that are filled with clear or purple crystals and hand spun tinsel tops.







Frozen Inspired Wands

These wands feature blue, silver and white snowflakes with blue and clear crustal filed handles, crystals and hand spun tinsel tops.









Fall Leaves

Fall leaves in Burgundy, Plum and Copper glitter handles, crystals and and hand spun tinsel tops.















Blue Aloha Flowers


Hot Pink Aloha Flowers

With touches of gold and copper, crystals and and hand spun tinsel tops, these wands are stunning.

The Wild Flower Wand:

It's a modern twist on the Potion Wand. They are the same length, handle and beading as the well-loved Potion wands but have a Mylar Flower top.

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