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If you have an iPhone or iPad, you have probably spent some time looking for apps. While some apps are more on the practical side, others are just a bit of silly fun. One thing is for sure - each of the apps below are purrfect for the cat-lovers amongst us....

  • PetSnap : This brilliantly simple application works with the iPhone's camera to make a noise, such as a meow or a bell ring, so that you can capture your cat's attention and grab a great shot, rather than the blurred turning-away-at-the-last-moment shot we usually get. Cost: $1.99
  • Kitty!: Kitty! is a simple app that includes 8 different recordings of cats' meows that you can play to your cats at will. Drives them nuts trying to figure out “where's that kitty?”
  • Cat First Aid: From PetMD, this First Aid & Emergency for Cats app gives you fast and clear advice for the most common cat emergencies. Cost: $1.99
  • iLOLZ : iLOLZ lets users turn any cutealicious cat photos into internet memes in seconds. Load your photo then type in your caption and slide it into place. Save it to your photo library or email it to a friend. Cost: $0.99
  • Simon's Cat In Purrfect Pitch: This is a musical challenge game that tests your ability to follow Simon's lead. Select a tune, Simon will purr out the notes on a piano then it's your turn to match the notes he plays. The app also allows you to write your own tunes that Simon will sing. This one is purrfect for kids. Cost: $1.99
  • Talking Cat : When you launch the app your screen is filled with a green-eyed tabby that responds to your voice. Singing into your iPhone creates an instant cat show of epic magnitude. Try using this app when someone calls you at home. Place them on “speaker” then hold up your Talking Cat iPhone app to pick up the sound of their voice. This app is an party favorite and a guaranteed ice breaker. Cost: $0.99
  • Opera Cats & Cat Chorus : These apps feature singing cats that provide entertainment with a built-in song list of tunes and children's favorites. Both boast of an impressive and professional quality animation and sounds which also provide the ability to record, save and email. Cost: $0.99
  • Cat Piano: This app features a decent variety of patches: Angelic Meow, Asthma Kitty, Forlorn, Furball, Furious, House Cat, and The Warbler. Meow Mix 1 and 2 combine all the different meow samples on one keyboard. There's also a Grand Piano patch so you get a regular piano with this app. The keyboard is polyphonic, so you can do simple chords. And, if you set a song playing on the iPhone's iPod and then launch Cat Piano, you can play along to your own music collection. Cost: $0.99
  • My Pets Info : The information management app will help you keep track of cats' vital statistics, store contact info and remember vaccinations and other appointments. Cost: $0.99
  • Cat Training : Need help teaching your cat manners? This app offers advice on everything from litter box training, to how to stop a cat from jumping up on tables or scratching furniture. Cost: $0.99
  • Cat Mark : Log every activity and expense for your cats, including food purchase, litter, toy, hospital, cloth, behavior and others. Cost: $0.99
  • Cat Paint : This is an app that lets you add cuteness—in feline form—to any photo on your iPhone or iPod touch. You grab a photo, choose a kitten, and then tap to place it anywhere within the image. CatPaint lets you save or email your masterpieces. Works with any iPhone or iPod touch running iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later. Cost: $1
  • Twitkitteh: Cat Twitter : Twitkitteh claims to be the first Twitter app written specifically for cats, offering a multi-paw interface that makes it easy for your cat to tweet pre-penned insights. Cost: $0.99

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