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Published September 2009 is thrilled to be able to announce that we will be making available some of our most popular articles translated into Spanish!

Selected articles will be translated by Mary Dickerson of SACCARELLO Persians.

A Bit About Mary ...

Mary was born in Asunción, Paraguay. When she was eight years old, her family moved to Ciudad del Este, where she still lives with her husband and their cats.

Mary studied management and accounting at the East Privet University (Universidad Privada del Este), and works as a graphic designer.

But now what she really cares about ... let´s talk about cats!!

Mary always liked animals, but felines were her undeniable favorite. After getting married, she lived about three years without having a cat. Her comment; What a torture!!

Then her husband presented her with her first Persian cat - a cute male named Charles.

Wanting to be a good momma to the newest member of the family, Mary began looking for information about the care and nutrition of Persian cats.

Searching on the internet, she found lots of interesting information, including specifics about associations that register cats, the Persian breed standard and the fascinating world of cat shows and breeding!

She was hooked!

Thanks to all the information available on the internet, and with the support of her husband and friends, she delved deeper into understanding how to improve and conserve her beloved breed, researching and studying about what makes a perfect Persian, about the genetics of a nice temperament and good health. Fascinated with the challenge and creativity involved, she decided she wanted to breed Persian cats.


The first step in her new adventure would be to choose and register a cattery name. As there were no cat clubs or registry in Paraguay, Mary registered her cattery in Brazil where there was an active cat fancy ... and so “Saccarello Cattery” was born.

Saccarello is the Italian surname of Mary's grandfather. By choosing it as her cattery name, she was able to honor that side of her heritage.

Mary quickly became a member of TICA (The International Cat Asociation) and joined the Allegro Cat Club.

She was becoming increasingly involved in the cat fancy!

Her feline family also began slowly growing with the addition of two new beautiful Persian kitties, DuKaian Paprika, a red tabby female (pictured above), and LeMiau Madonna, a black and white bicolor girl (pictured on the right).

Mary Discovers PandEcats & ShowCatsOnline

Always searching to expand her knowledge of Persians, it was almost inevitable that Mary would discover

In her own words, she writes,

" I discovered this wonderful on-line magazine with all the information I needed to continue to learn more about Persians. In the beginning, I read the articles available free for everyone, and I could see all the excellent information that the magazine had to offer."

Deciding to join so she could learn more and increase her enjoyment of her new hobby, Mary contacted the ezine's editor, Lee Harper, to ask a few questions. It was during their initial correspondence that Mary first suggested translating some of the PandEcats articles into Spanish. Lee thought it was a terrific idea - and so it was that September 1st, 2009 was chosen to debut the first articles on PandEcats & ShowCatsOnline that would be written and indexed especially for our Spanish-speaking cat fanciers.

The list of our first translations include:

  1. * La Acupunturs Puede Salvar La Vida De Tu Recien Nacido (Acupuncture Can Save Your Newborn)
  2. * Acupuntura Para GatosS (Acupuncture For Cats)
  3. * Acupresura para quitar a la hembra del celo (Acupressure To Bring A Female Out Of Season)
  4. * Amoxilina (Amoxicillan)
  5. * Antibioticos para recién nacidos (Antibiotics For Newborns)
  6. * ¿A qué edad deberían ir a un nuevo hogar los gatitos? (At What Age Should Kittens Go To A New Home?)
  7. * Nacimiento de un Gatito (Birth Of A Kitten (Head First Presentation)
  8. * Nacimiento de un Gatito: Presentación de nalgas (Birth Of A Kitten: Breech Presentation)
  9. * Proceso de nacimiento fácil (The Birthing Process Made Easy)
  10. * Problemas de Nacimiento en Gatos (Birthing Problems In Cats)
  11. * Nacido Con Patas Torcidas (Born With A Twisted Leg)
  12. * Calostro Bovino (Bovine Colostrum)
  13. * Consejo de tu raza(Your Breed Council)
  14. Entablillado Para Corregir Patas Traseras Torcidas (Bracing To Correct Twisted Hind Legs)
  15. Datos sobre gatos (Cat Facts)
  16. Elijiendo Un Afijo (Choosing A Cattery Name)
  17. * Limpiando los Conductos Respiratorios de un Gatito (Clearing A Newborn's Airway)
  18. * Calostro (Colostrum)
  19. * Cortando el cordón umbilical (Cutting the Umbilical Cord)
  20. * Un Nacimiento Dificil (A Difficult Birth)
  21. * Dopram
  22. * Síndrome de desvanecimiento en gatitos (Fading Kitten Syndrome)
  23. * Leche de Cabra (Goat's Milk)
  24. * Nutrical (Nutrical)
  25. * Oxitocina (Oxytocin)
  26. * Hojas de Frambuesa Roja (Red Raspberry Leaf)
  27. * Hojas de Frambuesa Roja, y Raíz de Malvavisco ( Red Raspberry Leaves and Marshmallow Root)
  28. * Reviviendo Un Recién Nacido (Reviving A Newborn)
  29. * Balanzas Para Pesar a los Gatitos ( Scales For Weighing Kittens)
  30. Exponiendo Gatos De CompaÑia (Showing A Household Pet)
  31. * Etapas de crecimiento y evolución de los gatitos (Stages of Kitten Growth & Development)
  32. * Balanceando a un Recién Nacido Para Limpiar su Tracto Respiratorio (Swinging A Newborn To Clear Its Airway)
  33. * Las Jeringas Que Debes Tener (Syringes You Should Own)
  34. Actualizacion De: Gatitos Nacidos Con Patas Torcidas (Update On Kittens Born With Twisted Legs)
  35. * Inercia Uterina (Uterine Inertia)
  36. ¿Qué Color Es Tu Gato? (What Color Is Your Cat?)
  37. * ¿Que Debes Tener en tu Kit de Nacimiento? (What You Should Have In Your Birthing Kit?)
  38. * Por qué peso a mis gatitos (Why I Weigh My Kittens)
  39. Tu Estándar De La Raza (Your Breed Standard)
  40. * Dosis de Zithromax (Zithromax Dosages)

(*) indicates the title is a Members Only article.

In The Future

We will be choosing the most useful or important articles to the serious cat breeder and exhibitor to be translated first. With more than 2,000 published pages and articles, the translations will understandably be a long-term project.

Mary, Lee and everyone associated with the production of PandEcats & ShowCatsOnline are pleased and excited about this new feature. And to think it all started because of our mutual love of cats!

Your cat can be a star!

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