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All cat owners are special in one way or another ... but we would especially like to honor those special owners who open their homes and hearts to the difficult-to-place or less-than-perfect kittens.

Bless the pet owner who:

  1. Likes the kittens with long noses: If you are a Persian or an Exotic kitten, a long nose means you are pet quality. The nice part about this is that there are people who PREFER a Persian with a long nose... Bless You!
  2. The Litter Box Problem Cat: Most kittens are naturally clean and start using the litter box as soon as they are able to toddle into it on their short, stubby legs. Occasionally a kitten will be "slow" about getting the idea. This kitten may be inconsistent in its litter box habits. To the owner who perseveres with the slow kitten... Bless You!
  3. The Shy Cat: Most breeders will have a shy kitten at some point. It will require a quiet household and an owner willing to spend extra time building its confidence..Bless You!
  4. The Bad Mannered Cat: Not all cats have sweet personalities. To the owner who takes on the challenge of an aloof or snotty feline personality... Bless You!
  5. The Imperfect Cat: To the owner who love the kitten with a crooked face, bad teeth, or pet quality... Bless You!
  6. The PKD Positive Cat: In the mid-1990s when most Persian breeders first became aware of the problem of PKD and began scanning their cats, many had positive cats that they wanted to immediately retire from their breeding program. While most PKD positive cats live relatively normal life spans, some have their lives significantly shortened by the condition. With full disclosure, many breeders found new homes for these cats with owners willing to open their hearts to these babies, knowing their life might be short... Bless You!
  7. The Medical Problem Cat: Heart murmur, diabetes, chronic upper respiratory infections, weepy eyes... there are cats that have health problems for which there are no easy cures... yet there are owners willing to take on the special challenges these cats may face... Bless You!
  8. The Older Cat: 6-7-10-12 years old... Whatever the reason - retirement from a breeding programs to the cat given up because of the death of an owner - there are times an older cat must find a new home. It takes a special owner who accepts these elder felines into their family, knowing full well that they are in their senior years... Bless You!
  9. The Destructive Cat: Some cats just never learned to use a scratching post. To own one means your home will never be featured in House Beautiful magazine. To the owners who love their cats more than their furniture... Bless You!
  10. The Rescued Cat: When a cat is surrendered to a humane society, it is often in poor condition or has a behavioral problem. To those people who rescue these abandoned babies and open their hearts to them... Bless You!


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