The Calivan Pedigree Database Tops 400,000

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The Calivan Pedigree Database

We are pleased to announce that as of October 2014, the Calivan Persian & Exotic database is now over 400,000 pedigrees strong!

Kathleen Holahan fell in love with Persians as a teenager and bought her first Persian in the early 1960's. Persians were part of her family as treasured pets from that time on.

In 1986, Kathy and husband, Mark Fisher, bought their first show Persian, CH Connection Sis Boom Bah—a calico van who was the inspiration for their cattery name, Calivan.

By 1996, Kathy acquired her first Exotic and then bred and showed Exotics exclusively. With many Grands, Regional Winners and a National Winner, the Calivan Exotics have been well-known in show circles.

Kathy retired from breeding exotics in 2011 and is enjoying her cats as pets, choosing to concentrate now on her pedigree linechasing hobby.

Many thanks to Kathy Holahan of Calivan for continuing to add pedigrees and share her linechasing talents with all cat fanciers! BRAVA!

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