Call To Action:
Do Your Elected Representatives
Even Know You Exist?

By: Patti Strand
NAIA Trust, National Director

Published February 2007

Mark Twain could have been describing the 2007 legislative session and the predicament of today's animal owners when he wrote, "No one's life, liberty or property is safe while the legislature is in session." Never before have the interests of animal owners been less secure.

Led by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), animal rights advocates are working overtime right now to convince your elected officials that when it comes to animals, they're the experts, not you. Imagine that, HSUS, an animal rights organization whose leaders have advocated the end of animal agriculture and counseled that the life of a child and that of an ant should be accorded equal consideration (read their quotes here), is selling itself to your lawmakers as a mainstream resource for animal legislation.

And they're making inroads.

After decades of incremental attacks on the rights and values of animal professionals, sportsmen, farmers, hobbyists and even pet owners, the radicals are poised to break down the door and create a perfect storm of legislative activity.

These laws will affect cats as well as dogs

I hope this charade makes you angry – them pretending to represent mainstream values to accomplish their agenda, because the truth is, if you don't get mad, they're going to win!

Did you get that? If you don't get mad enough to take the appropriate action now, they are going to win!

It's time to introduce yourself. If you're like many people who keep and work with animals, your legislators don't even know who you are – simply because you've never told them.

What can you do?

Contact Your State Representative

Click on the link for NAIA Trust Lobby Center, read the alert and then use the CapWiz tool to introduce yourself to your representatives. The tool is set up for delivery to all your representatives at the state and federal level.

If you scroll down after reading the action alert there, you'll find talking points to help you compose your letter. It is doubly important to write if you live in one of the many cities or states currently facing draconian laws: New Mexico, Louisville, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and others.

Support the Clubs On The Main Front of the Fight

Support the two kennel clubs suing to overturn the destructive ordinances passed in their cities, Louisville Kennel Club and Rio Grande Kennel Club. These cases are important to all of us and we need to do what we can to assure success. If you want to help the cause in either city, please contact the kennel club leaders there. They know better than anyone else what they need.

One thing we do know, they will need is financial support for their law suits, so please contact the appropriate people in the clubs to find out what you can do to help, and send donations to the addresses posted below:

  • Patte Klecan, Legislative Liaison for Rio Grande KC
  • Donna Herzig, Legislative Chairman Louisville KC
  • Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs PFDC@paonline
  • Rio Grande Kennel Club
    PO Box 25672
    Albuquerque NM 87125-5672
  • LKC Legislation Fund
    Ellen Kapen, LKC Treasurer
    8620 Old Bardstown Road
    Louisville , KY 40291

NAIA Conference

An exciting announcement will be coming soon about the expansion of NAIA and NAIA Trust's new legal and legislative capacity. Sign up for the NAIA's upcoming conference, April 20-22.

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