Cat In Cockpit Delays Airplane

Published February 2012

An Air Canada flight in Halifax NS was delayed for four hours when a 10 year old cat escaped from its carrier in the plane's cabin and fled to the cockpit.

First time flyer, Ripples, bolted from his carrier in coach, then found his way to first class where he became more frightened and fled into the flight cockpit and climbed up amongst the wires behind the plane's instrument panel.

Despite all efforts to coax the wayward kitty out from the instrument panel, Ripples would not budge.

Eventually, Air Canada maintenance crews had to open an alternative access panel, to reach the reluctant Ripples.

Once captured, Ripples was returned to his carrier.

The maintenance crew then had to make sure there was no wires bit through or dislodged where the cat had hidden, so the flight couldn't leave until the wiring was checked for. Air Canada workers helped passengers reschedule their connecting flights.

How did Ripples escape his carrier? The carrier was one of the hard plastic carriers that come apart when latches on the sides are disengaged. The carrier had been taken apart as part of its security check. Those clips were not secured properly, which allowed Ripples to escape on the plane.

Ripples has no plans to ever fly again.


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