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Published February 2008

Wouldn't it be interesting if our feline family had movies suited to their own catty tastes? Just imagine...

  • Cats a Blanca - Unique story of a fuzzy love triangle. Humphrey Bengal plays the alledgedly apolitical feline cat club owner in unoccupied French territory that is nevertheless crawling with Siamese; Ingrid Birman is the lover who mysteriously deserted him in the litterbox. Paul Don-Hairless is her heroic, slightly bewildered mate. Also stars Clawed Rains, Peterbald Lorre
  • Bad News Bengals - Hilarious hoot about a bottom of the barrel colony of spotted cats raised from the dead by the arrival of a cantankerous queen and a kibble swizzling stud that raise the bar playing a rocking game of "tear up the house"
  • Ben-Purr - The story of a princely cat in the time of Christ, sent to the cattery after being falsely accused of trying to destroy the Roman Govenors house and throwing up on the persian carpets. His road to vengeance against the Roman Nobelmans Dog, the kittenhood friend who betrayed him, leads the powerful Maine Coon to compete in a dangerous dog chariot race.
  • Bob, Carol, Ted and Fluffy - Swinging 60's tail about a liberated feline friendly couple who are the envy of their "stuck in a rut" dog loving friends and their efforts to keep the feline revolution from passing them by.
  • Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Somali - One of the most successful and entertaining Westerns of all time chronicles the tail fluffing adventures of outlaws Butch and Sundance the Somali, as they hold up PetSmart stores on both sides of the border while being pursued by a super-posse of Persians.
  • Raging Birman - Oscar winning performance highlights this riveting drama based on the life of a middleweight Cat Boxing champion Jake la Muffy. Superbly staged furry fight scenes complemented by a compelling purrtrayal of a cat as furrious outside the litterbox as he is inside.
  • Return of the Pink Persian - The relentless and hapless Inspector Clawseau is once again on the trail of the Pink Persian. Ribtickling return of filmdoms most inept Cat Dectective.
  • Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Pixie-Bobs But Were Afraid To Ask - A frantically fractured look at multiple toes, complete with sexy sheep, giant breasts and humans who clip their nails.
  • Ferris Munchkins Day Off - Ferris, a Chicago height challanged feline is not going to let a little thing like doors and tall steps get in his way of enjoying a fine spring day.
  • The HunchedCat of Notre Dame - a stunning and touching performance as Quasimodo, the deformed bell wearer in 15th Century Paris who is befriended by Gypsy Cat, Maureen O'hair-a.

    and of course...
  • Hairy Persian and the Goblet of Fur
  • Chartreux and the Chocolet Factory
  • Meezers by the Dozen
  • With Sphynx You Get Egg Roll
  • Raising Abyzona
  • Lawrence of Abyssinia (way less boring than the original <G>)
  • Lord of the Judging Rings
  • The Manx Who Shot Liberty Valance
  • Honey I Shrunk The Kittens
  • An American Wirehair in London
  • Curl Interrupted
  • The Unsinkable Somali Brown
  • The Sound of Meowsic
  • Chartreux's Web
  • Diary of a Mad Black Bombay
  • Lockdown on Maine Coon Street
  • The Spanish Maine Coon
  • The Maine Coon Event
  • Maine Coon Street
  • Nightmanx on Elm Street
  • The Pixiebob always knocks twice
  • Devons are a girl's bestfriend
  • Som(alis) like it hot
  • Interview With A Vanpire
  • (Turkish) Van Helsing
  • "The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!"
  • "The Nebelung who came in from the Cold"
  • "Pride and Persians"
  • "Cat Wars: Revenge of the Siamese"
  • "Saturday Night Cat Scratch Fever"
  • Turk 108

    And how about TV shows...
  • Everybody Loves Birmans
  • Two and a Half Manxes
  • CSI: Miaby

Editor's Note: This is a collection from a variety of cat lovers. If you have more you would like to contribute please contact us...

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