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Claw-ssical movie . . . Don't you love them?

They are the special films that reach across the generations and remain meaningful and iconic forever.

While most films are made for people to enjoy, there are some special movies that are created just for the enjoyment of cats — and the people who love them.

Here are our choices for the top feline claw-ssical movies of all time.

The Hunched Cat of Notre Dame (1939)

In 15th century France, a gypsy "queen" played by Maureen O'Hair-a is framed for murder by the infatuated Chief Justice, and only the deformed bellringer of Notre Dame Cat-thedral can save her. A stunning and touching performance by Charles Laugh-tom as Quasimodo.

Starring Maureen O'Hair-a and Charles Laugh-tom

Catsablanca (1942)

This claw-ssic 1940s film adored by legions of feline fans stars Humfurry Bogart and Ingrid Purrgman in a story of wartime espionage and a feline love triangle. Humfurry Bogart plays an apolitical feline cat club owner in unoccupied French territory that is nevertheless crawling with evil Nazis; Ingrid Purrman is the ex-lover who mysteriously deserted him in the litterbox. Paul Don-Hairless is her heroic, slightly bewildered mate. The foggy furwell scene pictured above includes the memorable lines "We'll always have Purris" and "Here's lookin' at you, Kit."

Starring Humfurry Bogart and Purrgman with Paw Henreid, Clawed Rains & Peterbald Lorre.

The Africat Queen (1951)

In Africa during WW1, a milk-swilling riverboat owner/captain is persuaded by a strait-laced hiss-onary to use his boat to attack an enemy warship. Another clawssic film starring Humfurry Bogart, this time with leading lady, Kat-therine Hepurrin'. Kat is the winner of four Acatemy Awards for Best In Show.

Starring Kat-therine Hepurrn and
Humfurry Bogart

Som(alis) Like It Hot (1959)

Released the same year as Ben-Purr, this hair-larious comedy features two mew-sicians who witness a mob hit, then flee to Miami, Florida in an all female band disguised as women, where furr-ther complications set in. Hair-brained fun!

Starring Tony Curl-kits and the sex-kitten, Marilyn Monroe.

Ben-Purr (1959)

When a Jewish prince is betrayed and sent into slavery by his kittenhood friend, he regains his freedom and comes back for revenge. Inspurrational.

Starring Charlton Hisston

Guess Who's Coming To Suppurr (1967)

Kat-therine Hepurrn and Spencpurr Tracy play Matted and Christina Drayton, a well-to-do white Persian couple whose liberal cattitudes are challenged when their feline daughter brings home her new fiancé — who is black! And short-haired!

Starring Kat-therine Hepurrn
and Spencpurr Tracy

Butch Catssidy and the Sundance Kit (1969)

One of the most successful and entertaining Westpurr-ins of all time chronicles the hair fluffing adventures of outlaws Butch Catssidy and the Sundance Kit as they hold up pet stores on both sides of the border, all the time being purr-sued by a supurr-paws-ee of hissing Ocicats. To avoid the long paw of the law, the outlaws eventually flee to Bolivia.

Starring Paul Mewman and Robert Redfurred.


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