The First Year

Published August 2004

Tracing a pedigree back in history

Just over a year ago, launched a new website just for those breeders who enjoy (or are obsessed by) tracing their cat's pedigree.

A New Website

Called, the goal of the new website was to present a collection of searchable pedigree databases so that cat fanciers around the world could have a single place to search and share cat pedigrees. Each database was named after the person donating it and included a photo and link to their website.

For All Breeds

Although debuted with three Persian/Exotic/Himalayan databases, its mission was to include databases of all breeds.


In the year since its beginning, Cat Pedigrees now features 16 separate databases. The largest database, Calivan, includes pedigree records of over 117,600 Persians & Exotics. The newest and smallest database records 25 pedigrees for the fledgling new breed of cat, American Ringtails.

In between these two extremes are databases encompassing over 337,000 records and including Persian, Exotics, Himalayans, Abyssinians, Somalis, Cornish Rex, Maine Coons, Ocicats, LaPerms, TurKish Angoras and Selkirk Rex.

Thank You!

We could not be prouder of the generosity demonstrated by every breeder who has donated their databases to and continues to send us updates. continues to assume all the costs of maintaining Associate Editor, Kathy Durdick of Ristokat Himalayans, donates her considerable expertise to adding each database to the website and making it "searchable". Lee Harper of Mockingbird Persians & Exotics designed the look of the website and continues to create additional pages for each new database.

If you have a database you would like to contribute, we would love to hear from you. For more information and to visit the website, go to Don't forget to take the banner below and add it to your website with a link to

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