Published July 2005

Tracing a pedigree back in history

On PandEcats' 3rd birthday, we debuted a new website just for breeders who enjoy (or are obsessed by) tracing their cat's pedigree. Called the website is a collection of searchable pedigree databases - just enter your cat's name and see a pedigree!

Look How We Have Grown!

Two years ago, launched with 3 separate databases, totaling 190,00 individual cat records.

As we celebrate out 5th birthday, has grown to include 18 separate databases with almost 600,000 individual records.

More Is Better!

In 2003, our initial three pedigree databases were for Persian and Exotics only. In 2005, databases include Persians, Exotics, Somalis, Abyssinians, American Ringtail, Turkish Angora, LaPerm, Cornish Rex, American Curls, Ocicats and Maine Coons.

A New Persian Database

Helen Listemaa, Hellan Persians, was devoted to her family, her cats and the line-chasing community. Sadly, Helen passed away in May 2005, however she leaves us with a legacy of dedicated linechasing which is unparalleled with the addition of the Hellan database to

Her extensive TICA and CFA database shows a high standard of detail and dedication to accuracy. She spent hours calling to confirm numbers with Herman, and once Herman was available online, she was often known to just play around with numbers until she found the correct registration number for a cat. She was also responsible for finding a number of unrecognized, early DMs.

Helen was devoted to her family, her cats and the line-chasing community. She was known for her mild-mannered patience and reliability, as well as tireless dedication to accuracy. Her database of almost 200,000 records is a legacy to that devotion that will live on among line chasers for years to come.

An American Curl Database also recently added pedigrees of another shorthair breed when Swedish cat fancier, Anneli Sargas, generously shared her database of American Curls. An experienced breeder of Exotic Shorthairs under the Ortalions prefix, Anneli fell in love with American Curls when she saw her first one in 2003, a cat named Siriuksen UrbanCurl. Thank you Anneli for sharing your database with CatPedigrees!

Contribute to!

If you have a database, we hope you consider adding it to the CatPedigrees website, helping to build an enduring legacy for all cat breeders.

Think your database is too small to donate? How about getting together with friends the way the Somali breeders have and combining databases? Or send your database to us and we will start one to which other linechasers of your breed can add theirs!

Anyone donating their database will have their cattery banner added to the CatPedigrees Links Page. is interested in including databases of all breeds.

We also hope you will take the banner below and add it to your website with a link to

For more information and to visit the website, go to

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