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Debut of a New Exotic Database

Published December 2005

Tracing a pedigree back in history continues its growing ways.

Ingucheeni Exotic Shorthair Database

Dee Bates of Ingucheeni Exotic Shorthairs has donated her database.o

Originally working with chocolate series British Shorthairs, Dee was quick to notice the gorgeous teddy bear look and character of the Exotic Shorthair and in 2003 bought her first Exotic into the family. As her passion for this wonderful breed grew, Dee decided to commit herself completely to the Exotic at the end of 2004. Dee works exclusively with the chocolate/lilac colors and is also working on a new breeding project to bring cinnamon into the UK Exotic Shorthair (pedigrees of which will be included in this database as a confirmation of foundation lines for the future). Having always been a 'pedigree' breeder in that she uses pedigrees to plan her matings, it was obvious that the passion for linechasing would quickly grip her - and here she offers what she has so far amassed from UK pedigrees. 

This database also contains other breeds such as British Shorthair and foreign breeds where they have been traced in the ancestry of certain Persian and Exotic cats is pleased and honored to be able to bring Dee's database to the web.

If you have a database, we hope you consider adding it to the CatPedigrees website, helping to build an enduring legacy for all cat breeders.

Think your database is too small to donate? How about getting together with friends the way the Somali breeders have and combining databases? Or send your database to us and we will start one to which other linechasers of your breed can add theirs! is interested in including databases of all breeds.

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