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Cherishable's Never Can Say
Good-bye (Tommy) cheers on
the Green Bay Packers.

Photo by Cathy Wodzinski

My cat, Raymond, watches TV.

I realize we attribute too much intelligence to animals but I know Raymond watches TV because he actually turns the television on and changes the channel.

He curls up on the couch with his paw on the TV remote control.

Click. Click. Click. I think he is looking for a favorite program. I don't mind.

It can be rather startling to be home alone and suddenly hear the television set turn on all by itself.

Is there a boob tube ghost?

No... it's just Raymond... sitting in front of the television... fascinated as images of strangers caper across the screen.

He is watching MTV. All those fast edited music videos appear to appeal to his agile feline mind.

Of course, Raymond is not alone in his TV watching habits. My other cats also like to curl up on a comfy sofa and watch the TV too. Of course, different cats are attracted to different programs.

For instance, several of my cats like a surprising number of shows in which dogs are the stars: Frisbee, sheep herding, dog shows. Are they scoping out the enemy? I don't know.

Will cats begin to demand more programming just for them? We already have the FOX Network. Can the CAT Network be far behind?

I can see it now... the CBC (Cats Broadcasting Corporation) announces the top 12 programs for 2009:

  1. Monday Night Furball: Two teams of fe-line-backers chase a furball back and forth across a regulation sized living room.
  2. Catlock: A Southern lawyer and his calico specialize in cat burglar cases.
  3. Sex and the Kitty: What every kitty wants to know about breeding but is afraid to ask.
  4. Claw and Odor: The tails... uh... tales... of feline crimes and punishment. Litter box accidents and cat bites are common story lines.
  5. The Late Show with David Litterman: A gap-toothed Cornish Rex hosts a late night talk show. Today's celebrity guests include Katerine Hepurrn and a review of her new film "Catsablanca".
  6. America's Funniest Tree Rescues: Cats sit up a tree or hide in a drain pipe and meow pitifully - luring dimwitted humans to attempt to help them.
  7. Fur Factor : Cats must overcome their fears. The winner receives 50,000 catnip mice.
  8. Purry Mason : Another lawyer drama
  9. This Old Mouse : "Renovating" long in the tooth rodents. Yum. Yum.
  10. Spraying Spaces: Two cats trade homes for a weekend to "redecorate" each other's house.
  11. Little Mouse on the Prairie: A family of mice struggle to survive in the old west.
  12. Meowpardy! Kittens compete to answer questions on a variety of subjects.

Hmmm... I think I will have to start hiding the remote :-)

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