A Caticorn Takes Taylor Swift For A Ride

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Fans of Taylor Swift already know that she is a passionate cat person. She shares her life with two Scottish fold kitties, Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey.

While Taylor has shared many videos of her cats, one in particular seemed to foretell the possibility of a mythical creature called a "caticorn" — a unicorn/cat hybrid .

Listen to the video below showing Taylor asking her cat, Olivia Benson, which  nicknames she prefers . . . They include saber tooth tiger cub, baby Wolverine, princess of meow-town, melting snowman, sloth, unicorn kitty cat, and magical Pegasus.


Now, look at a new commercial promoting a subscription service called Taylor Swift NOW in which Taylor teamed up with DirectTV to provide fans with exclusive tour footage, behind-the-scenes videos and more through .

In the commercial, Taylor is riding a Caticorn that looks suspiciously like a Scottish Fold bearing an uncanny resemblance to Taylor's own kitty, Olivia.

That's what I call a real cat hybrid!


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