Conserving Energy Leads To Flaming Feline

Published April 2010

Earth Hour is a global event during which individuals, corporations and governments are encouraged to reduce power consumption.

In Canada, provincial Environment Minister, Barry Penner, urged British Columbians to conserve electricity during the annual event. Taking his own advice, he got into the spirit of Earth Hour by turning out all the lights in his own home. He also decided it was the perfect opportunity to inject a little romance into his evening with his wife over a candlelit dinner during Earth Hour.

Oops ...

Instead of romance, he accidentally set his cat on fire.

Their candlelit dinner was interrupted when their cat, Ranger, set himself on fire by brushing up against the flame of a candle.

Ranger wasn't hurt.

The environment minister held firm to the no-electricity rule by refusing to power-up an electric fan to clear the room of the smell of singed cat hair. Instead, he opened the window.

"I thought he'd have a natural aversion to flame, but apparently that's not the case," said Penner.

“It'll be a night that will be remembered for some time.”

The marmot-cuddling minister, a former park ranger, said his kitty has some singed fur and wounded pride but is otherwise fine.

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