Ruth Churchill Peppler, was born in Ontario, Canada and spent her early years growing up on a farm, the youngest of five children.  Her father worked the land to provide for his family, and her mother was a school teacher who instilled in her children a love of learning and literature which shaped a large part of her life.

After graduating from business college, Ruth married and raised three children. Ruth's household was always shared with a melange of furry companions; cats, dogs, rabbits, and other creatures.

Through her work as a medical secretary she met and became friends with Jim Ford, a pharmacist who encouraged her talent for "word pictures" and convinced her that her vivid and heart-warming poetry should be shared.

In 1987 they published a book, "Oasis in Time", containing poems written by Ruth, photography by Jim, and a foreword by famed singer-songwriter, Hagood Hardy.  Ruth published four more books of poetry and her poems were often featured in the local newspapers.

Ruth's daughter, Marg Peppler, now shows Persians and Exotics in CFA. It was inevitable that Ruth passed along her love of cats to her children.

Ruth passed away in 2011, but through her poetry and her daughter, her love of felines endures.

Ruth with her blue Persian, Muffy

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