Feline Wisdom

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We can learn much from our cats, for they are very wise indeed . . .

  • Eventually, we all land on our feet.
  • Admire leaps of faith.
  • All the action happens at night.
  • Paws every day for a nice stretch.
  • You can die from boredom, but curiosity won't kill you.
  • Maintain good hygiene at all times.
  • There's only one boss, and it's not you.
  • The best things in life are furry.
  • Live your life in the here and meow.
  • Cat hair is a wonderful complement to any outfit.
  • Fight stress by taking a nap every half hour or so.
  • Any empty lap is fair game.
  • It doesn't hurt to stay out all night now and then.
  • When it comes to hogging the bed, it's a free-fur-all.
  • Sometimes things can get a little hairy.
  • Always keep a positive cattitude.

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