The First Cat Cafe In North America

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The Café des Chats (French for "Cafe of Cats") opened in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on August 30, 2014. Called the first of its kind in North America, the coffee house has eight resident kitties that interact with customers as they sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee and a muffin.

Co-owner Nadine Spencer cuddles with a polydactyl kitty at Café des Chats  
Photo :  PC/Graham Hughes

Nadine Spencer and partner Youssef Labib adopted the idea from Asia where cat cafes are a popular concept.

Besides attracting local cat-lovers to their establishment, part of the goal of Cafe des Chats is to give a few cats a second chance at life. All the kitties are from SPCA shelters in the Montreal area. Some cats at the cafe will be available for adoption.

With the exception of the kitchen (for hygienic reasons), the cats have free range of the cafe, interacting with the customers as much as they like. Along with the usual tables and comfortable chairs designed for the human clientele, there are scratching posts, plush toys, and a multi-level window perch for the enjoyment of the felines.

The cats also have their own private quarters at the back of the shop where they can retire to use their kitty litter or enjoy some quiet time.

There are plans to open similar cat cafés in several other Canadian cities, including Vancouver and Toronto. For people who love cats but don't have one of their own, what better way to enjoy a coffee!

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