Household Pets Will Earn Titles in CFA
Beginning in 2015

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Starting with the 2015-2016 show season, Household Pets (HHP) will finally be able to earn official titles and year end awards in CFA!

Household Pet Recording Number

  • In order to be scored for awards the Household Pet requires a recording number.
  • The owner of a Household Pet will be able to submit a recording application at the show and keep the points earned at the show.
  • Points from past shows can be claimed within 90 days for a fee.
  • An unrecorded Household Pet can still be shown but its points will not be recorded.


All scoring services offered to registered cats will be offered to recorded Household Pets (e.g. epoints, scoreboards, etc.).


  • Scoring for Household Pets will be similar to scoring for Regional points for pedigreed cats.
  • Finals will be scored in 5% decrements.
  • Household Pets will retain the top 100 rings.
  • The number of final spots for Household Pets remains the same. 

Household Pet Judges

  • Only rings judged by a CFA licensed judge, approved guest judge, or CFA judge trainee will be scored.
  • Celebrity judges such as a local vet or radio/TV personality will not be scored.
  • Since some clubs use celebrity judges for advertising, the show flyer must state which Household Pet rings will be scored for CFA Household Pet points and awards.
  • Clubs can petition the board for exceptions.

Household Pet Kitten & Adult Compete Together

  • Household Pet kittens will continue to compete in the same class as Household Pet adults.
  • Household Pets will have the same requirements for in-region competition and for counting points earned in other geographic areas as the K/C/P classes.

Pedigreed Cats in the Household Pet Class

  • Pedigreed cats can still be shown as in the Household Pet class.
  • For an a registered cat to be scored as a Household Pet, it must do one of two things:
    • Change the cat’s color class to the Household Pet color class in the cat’s registration record with CFA,
      paying a fee. This will be a one-way change, exceptions to be approved by the board only.
    • Purchase a recording number for the cat, thus keeping the cat’s registered career separate
      from its recorded career.
  • Household Pet titles will not replace titles earned by pedigreed cats that also show in the Household Pet class. The cat's name will include all titles earned in both the pedigreed and classes.

The Grand Title (GH) for Household Pets

  • The title of Grand Household Pet (GH) requires a minimum of 200 points awarded from at  least 6 different  judges.
  • The points are calculated the same as regional points (5%  decrements)
  • The title must be claimed for a fee (comparable to the fee that owners of pedigreed cat's pay to claim the CH/PR  title prior to claiming  the  GC/GP title).

The Household Pet Regional Winner (HRW) Title

At the end of the season:

  • The top 10 highest scoring Household Pets in each region (or division) of CFA will receive the title Household Pet Regional Winner (HRW) or Household Pet Divisional Winner (HDW) as appropriate.
  • A minimum of 100 points is required for the HRW title (less for certain geographic areas).
  • Regions that currently recognize top 25 Household Pets may still present trophies to the top 25, but only the top 10 will receive an official title from CFA.

No National Titles for Household Pets

There will be no National Titles awarded to Household Pets until entries increase.

The Grand Household Pet of Distinction (GHD)

Once a Household Pet has earned its Grand title (GH) it can next earn the title of Grand Household Pet of  Distinction (GHD) a title that is equivalent to the Grand of Distinction titles awarded in Championship and Premiership.

  • The GH must compete for 3 seasons (not necessarily consecutively) and achieve a minimum of 30 finals per season with a point total of a minimum of 250 points per season. 
  • The GH title must be achieved before the GHD title, but finals and points earned before achieving the GH count  toward the GHD. 
  • The GHD titled must be claimed for a fee.

Certificates & Titles

  • GH and GHD will receive certificates
  • The titles become part of the cat’s record. 
  • GH and GHD are titles that are in addition to HRW or HDW titles earned. 

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