Associate Editor, Kathy Durdick,
Named Exhibitor of the Year for CFA's Northwest Region

Published June 2008

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate Associate Editor, Kathy Durdick of Ristokat Himalayans, on being been named CFA Northwest Region's Exhibitor of the Year 2008.

The criteria used to select the recipient include:

  • Participation in and contribution to regional activities
  • Mentoring
  • Show Production
  • Rescue
  • Miscellaneous/other activities

Kathy Durdick, along with her husband, Jon, began breeding Himalayans under the Ristokat cattery name in 1994. Although maintaining a small breeding program, Kathy has shown in most regions of CFA, and consistently supported shows in the Northwest. The success of Ristokat in the show ring has included over 30 grands, 12 regional winners, 7 national color wins and 3 DMs. In addition she has granded cats for friends in the US , Canada, and Europe .

But it isn't simply in the show halls that Kathy has left her mark.

Her talents as a web designer and programmer have changed the face of the Northwest Region on the internet when she re-designed and now maintains CFA's Northwest Region's website. It is through her efforts that the region has earned the reputation of not only presenting photos of the each year's regional winners beautifully, but the Northwest Region's website is consistently the first regional website each season to be updated with the latest winners the day after the awards banquet. She provides online entry forms for many shows, as well as creating online flyers for them.

Kathy also created and maintains websites for the CFA Persian Breed Council, the Atlantic Himalayan Club and the CFA Somali Breed Council. She is a co-founder of the line-chasing website, a website that features over two million cat pedigree records.

Kathy is Associate Editor and contributing writer to the award-winning online magazines, and She has written innumerable outstanding articles, especially about Himalayans, introductory articles for newbies, and explanatory articles about showing in CFA.

At various points during her time in the cat fancy, Kathy has been a licensed clerk, a member of several divisions of CFA's Persian Breed Council, of the Atlantic Himalayan Club, and of the Lewis & Clark Longhair Specialty Cat Club.

Kathy is a valued member of CFA's Northwest Region, and a treasured member of the PandEcats/ShowCatsOnline family...

Congratulations, Kathy!

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