The Kitten & The Canary

Photographer Unknown

Published March 2008

In the article titled Birds of Prey vs Your Cat, we discussed the danger that outdoor cats may face from birds of prey... but not all bird/cat relationships are quite so adversarial. In fact, in a domestic setting, it is not uncommon for the family cat and the family bird to get along quite well together...

P.S. We do know the bird in the photos is not actually a canary ... but we exercised literary licence because we liked the sound of The Kitten & The Canary better than the Cat and the Budgie.

Wake-up, my friend!
Yoo Hoo!
Hey! Come on!
Do you want to play?
Catch me if you can!
Don't be too rough!!
That was fun :-)

Tired but happy ...

Time for a nap again...

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