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Do you enjoy your morning cup of coffee? How about a latte with foam? Or a latte with foam that has been used to create a tiny work of art?

Termed "Latte Art" , drawing images and designs in the steamed milk foam of a coffee was first developed in Italy in the early 1990s.

The master of Latte Art is now considered to be Kazuki Yamamoto of Osaka, Japan.

A kitten gazes into a cup of Koi
Photo by Kazuki Yamamoto

Several years ago, Kazuki started working part time in a cafe as a barista. A senior colleague introduced him to latte art by teaching him to draw the ionic heart and leaf shapes on the surface of a coffee drink.

Experimenting on his own, Kazuki began creating images of famous characters and celebrities. When he uploaded photos of his creations to his Twitter account, he soon had over 100,000 followers.

Photo by Kazuki Yamamoto

Advancements in microfoam enabled Kazuki to use a stiffer foam to create three dimensional pieces.

The talented barista starts by carefully pouring foamed milk on top of a hot cup of coffee. He uses a metal pick to cut precise lines into the white foam, working only a few millimeters at a time with each stroke.

Kazuki Yamamoto displays the artist's delicate touch
Photo by Kazuki Yamamoto

Kazuki hopes one day to open his own coffeehouse. Until then, his artistic creations are in a league of their own.

A smiling kitten seems ready to leap from the cup.
Photo by Kazuki Yamamoto

Photo by Kazuki Yamamoto

Photo by Kazuki Yamamoto

Salvador Dali-inspired foam sculpture shaped as a melting clock in Dali’s The Persistence of Memory
Photo by Kazuki Yamamoto

Photo by Kazuki Yamamoto

Photo by Kazuki Yamamoto

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