Let's Go For A Swim

Published July 2014

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It's common knowledge that cats don't like water — but not all. Many cats hate to get wet, some don't seem to mind, and others actually do like it. The Turkish Van is famous for liking water, so much so that its nickname is "the swimming cat". The Bengal is another breed of cat who enjoys water. Maybe it's a throwback to its Asian Leopard Cat ancestry?

Many cats will tolerate water, especially if introduced to it from an early age. So . . . when summer temperatures rage, perhaps your cat would like to go for a dip in the pool . . .


Here's a nautical cat that chooses to swim . . .


Holly the fat cat swims to lose weight.


Not all cats go swimming because they want to.
For the cat pictured below, swimming is a path to a better life . . .


How about a cat that scuba dives?


Many of the big cats like swimming . . .
Lions, tigers, jaguars and ocelots all enjoy a dip. 



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