Love Is In The Air. . .
by TAMMY ROARK, Tamarakatz Somalis

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GC, BW, RW Tamarakatz Better Late Than Never (aka "Flirt") would like to announce to the entire world that he's FINALLY had a date! The object of his affections is Miss Tabitha.

I've put her in with him a few times in the past week or so, as she was acting like she was in heat (while she was upstairs, anyway).

Of course, once she was in his room, all thoughts of that would leave her head, much to Flirt's dismay. But last night, she was dragging herself around on the floor upstairs, tail flopped over, treading, etc. . . so I took her back downstairs.

Her first reaction was to run from him, and I thought "here we go again". But within five minutes, she was trilling to him, rubbing on every thing --- basically acting like a complete and utter hussy.

Since Flirt's only had her growl and spit at him before, he had absolutely NO idea what to make of this behavior --- so being Tia's grandson (she wasn't the bravest of souls, and neither is he), he ran and hid.

I was pretty much thinking he was never going to become a father, while Rob was telling me he was sure Flirt was probably gay . . .

I left them alone to settle this, but could "peek" on them from the living room. Every time I heard noise, I'd run and look --- the noise was all because Tabitha was VERY frustrated with him, so she was chasing him all over the room, smacking at him. She got him cornered under one of the cat trees, and if he'd try to come out one side, she'd bop him on the head. When he tried to back out the other way, she'd bop him on his butt. . . it was actually pretty entertaining --- well, not to Flirt, but Rob and I were certainly laughing.

After an hour or so, I finally heard some promising noises, so I looked again, and he actually had hold of the back of her neck. . . progress! Of course, he was actually breeding the middle of her back at that point. . . I swore I was never going to put two "first timers" together, and here we were again . . .

Anyway, a short time later I heard the promising low growly noise that most of my girls make when the target has actually been found --- so I'm peeking from out in the living room again, cheering him on (quietly).

The growl gets louder, which promptly scares the pants off all nine of the kittens (who are in the hallway between me and the lovebirds, so they all take off in a mad scramble/panic, which then scares Flirt half to death, so he bails off Tabitha, and runs and hides again.

There stands Tabitha, wondering what in the WORLD has just happened???

It was another hour before he was courageous enough to approach her again. . . I think he actually managed to "do the deed" that time, but I had to rescue him, because she was going to beat the tar out of him. She didn't roll --- she just wanted to pound on Flirt. I took her back upstairs for the night, and when I left her up there, she was rolling all over the floor.

So. . . after all this time. . . Flirt FINALLY got to have a date! :-))) He then spent the rest of the night alternating between bragging about his love life, and fussing because she wasn't with him anymore.

And the kitty gods topped off the exciting night by having my lap-kitty, Dreamer, barf a hairball on my bed this morning, at 3:45 am . . . which of course, I promptly managed to kneel in, trying to get out of the way.

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