Lucy Rand
Animator Extraorinaire!

by Lee Harper
Mockingbird Persians and Exotics

Published July 2002

I first discovered the animations of Lucy Rand a few years ago. I was designing the Mockingbird website and I wanted a very clean and sophisticated look - but with a dash of "fun". I decided to include a single unusual animation at the beginning of each main page.

With that in mind, I went searching for cat animations... and searching... and searching... and finally I discovered Lucy.

Lucy's cat animations just blew me away! They were "awesome".

When the time came for to debut, it was natural for me to look to Lucy to help add a little animated "zest" to some of our articles.

Lucy is a Dutch woman who will celebrate her 50th birthday this year. Here is her story in her own words...

My name is Lucy Rand. I am happily married to a terrific guy named Ernie and we have two daughters. Our daughters live with their partners and so no longer live in our home (hurray!).

So it is only the two of us and our three cats that rule!

When we first got a computer I only used it for typing. When we got another one I discovered CD-ROM filled with clip-art! A dream came true, when we first got an Internet connection.

I was really stunned by animations and collected every single one I could lay my hands on.

Pretty soon I started to animate pictures made by others, like Muppet characters, etc. One day someone asked me to illustrate a booklet she wrote to help people raise orphan kittens. I showed them to a mailfriend and he said, why don't you animate your own drawings? And. . . so I did.
I mainly draw cats and frogs and I also like making animated backgrounds... The wilder the better:-) They are free to use in mails or at personal homepages, but they are copyrighted! I hate it when people alters them. They take me hours to make and I don't think its fair when others just add a name and claim it as their own!

I also love frogs. Don't ask me why.

I just think they are funny and I like drawing silly frogs . . .

Of course we have some real ones in our garden:-)

And sometimes I combine my love of cats and frogs and animations all together :-)

Animation by Lucy Rand

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